Written by John150mm

28 Mar 2017

A few years ago my wife and I were visiting my brother and his wife on the other side of the country for a long weekend. We’d arrived on the Friday evening, had a meal and went to our own beds after a very relaxed evening. The next morning we all had breakfast quite early as his wife had to leave for a Saturday morning shift at her office. We sat reading and chatting while his wife showered, then while we had our showers she left for work.

My brother had the first shower, then me, and then my wife. While she was in the shower my brother once again told me how lucky I was to have a wife with her attributes – 40DD, plump but by no means overweight, and good to look at as well. He’d been appreciative ever since she and I started going out, so that was not a surprise, and my wife knew of his feelings as well. However, this time it stirred my loins like never before and I could feel an erection starting to press against my dressing gown; we were both still in our dressing gowns as there was no rush to go anywhere.

My wife came down from her shower, wrapped in a large fluffy white towel and still slightly damp. She stood in the middle of the room looking at the birds in the garden. I came up behind her, slipped my hands around her and took a breast in each. She said “What are you doing?” but she did not seem annoyed or even worried at what I was doing – she just stood there letting me get on with it. My brother took his chance and came and stood facing her. He loosened the tie of his dressing gown and his eight inches of stiffy escaped into the light. I felt my wife take a deep breath at the sight but no more, then his hands touched mine as he took hold of her breasts. At this point I removed my hands and loosened her towel, which fell to the floor.

He immediately knelt and buried his face in her cleavage whilst pushing her tits together and playing with them with his hands. She held the back of his head to her; she loves having her boobs played with. I spread the towel on the floor and told her to sit, then lay on it, both of which she did immediately. Without any more preamble my brother positioned himself over her and between her legs, and pushed his rampant member into her pussy which was still moist from her bath.

He thrust away, all the time kneading and sucking her dugs, and I knelt astride her head to give easy access to my prick, which was equally as rigid as my brothers. She wanked me into her mouth and sucked my balls and knob, all the time moaning with pleasure as my brother pistoned into her. Before she could reach an orgasm my brother lost his self-control and shot his load into her hot quim. After a few seconds he withdrew allowing me to bend forward into the 69 position and give attention to her clitty and cunt.

I licked her little button for a short while, then ran my mouth over her cunt-lips, with my tongue inside her hole. I could taste her juices, mixed with my brother’s spunk which had started to slip out. I lapped this up, then used my fingers to open her hole and scooped out more of his semen which dripped onto the towel. I carried on lapping and when she was clean I returned my attention to her clit, and within seconds she was coming.

My brother’s penis was ready again by now, so I changed position and started fucking her while she gave him a tit-fuck then sucked him off. She came a couple more times and then I came into her. He repeated the clean-up operation that I had earlier performed, but this time he came in her mouth just as she had another orgasm, and now it was her turn to eat all of his seed.

This had taken quite a time, so we sorted ourselves out, prepared the lunch, and were acting normally by the time his wife returned home. Before that my wife told us that we were naughty boys, but we explained that we had always shared our toys when kids so we were just carrying on the tradition. She admitted that we were good, very good, and her fanny was still twitching to prove it, but she still thought that we were naughty.

That evening we inducted his wife into the game, but that narrative and what else happened that weekend will come later.