Written by Dirty old man

25 Nov 2014

I'm Terry and I live in a sheltered apartment block. I suppose I'm the typical dirty old mad. I'm 79 but everything works, the problem with being my age is the only women who want to shag me are as old as I am so the closest thing to sex is reading these stories. So let me tell you about Linda.

She's my help, she comes in twice a week to clean the place and cook me a meal. She's a lovely girl, 26 short bobbed hair, very attractive with nice big tits and a fantastic body, I get a hard on as soon as she walks through the door. We have long chats about things and she tells me about her kids and her lazy husband and money worries and we flirt which is fun. So one day I though I would have a go, at least I could blame my age if she was offended.

I told her I could't get laid any more unless I wanted an pensioner like me, she laughed so I took my chance and offered her £25 a week to give me a hand job. She smiled and told me I was a dirty old man, I told her I knew but the offer was still there. She stared at me for a while and then decided it was time for her to leave, I though I had blown it. Someone else came the week after so I assumed she had asked to be placed somewhere else but the week after that she comes in and as usual cleans and makes me food.

We chatted, I though it best not to bring the subject up again but when she had finished cleaning she sat next to me and asked if it was still £25. I said its £50 if it included a blow job. Linda gave me a pretend slap on the arm and looked at me thinking then unzipped my trousers, pulled out my cock and gently started tossing me off.

You can imagine what that does for an old guy like me, and even if I say so myself my cock can get as hard as any youngster and at 8 inch when stiff used to drive the girls wild.

Linda was going for it, I was having a great hand job so I decided to try to go a little further and squeezed her tits. She just looked at me and pulled her top off letting her DD tits swing loose.

I was having a good old feel and Linda was tossing me off getting faster. I told her I was going to cum thinking she would just get a tissue but instead she looked at me and asked if the £50 was still on offer. I told her it was, within seconds her lovely lips where over my shaft, I felt the end sliding over her tongue and she sucked. She managed to get most of it in almost chocking herself. I just sat there and let her go for it, tossing me off with one hand then cupping my balls whilst she resumes sucking.

I was having a good old feel of her soft tits and hard a stone nipples. I told her I was cuming but that just made her suck me off faster. Its been years since I came in a woman's mouth but I couldn't hold on, I shot my load and Linda just groaned and slurped it up swallowing every drop.

Now she's costing me £100 a week but its worth it, she even strips completely naked for me. I joked that I would pay her and extra £50 for a fuck, she told me not to push my luck but I can tell she's thinking about it.