Written by lustbothways

29 Feb 2012

Having read the recent story about a guy who had delayed ejaculation I was moved to add my experience to his.

In the 60's & 70's public toilets were one of the main meeting places for men wanting sex. It was almost a given that if you went into a toilet at any time of day some sexual activity was going on. At that time I was in my teens blond fit and oversexed and it was not long before I was seduced at a gloryhole by an man in his 50's. During this wonderful introduction to sucking wanking and being fucked he made me have sex with three other men in the process and after he had gone two more men used my body for their pleasure.

In the course of this I discovered two things. First I loved loads of cum and second that even if I had just cum the second another cock slid into my mouth I got another hard on. I could do this up to a maximum of five times if really roused but four was the usual.

It was only after the fourth cum that I felt really satisfied. Add in the fact that after the first cum it took longer to make me cum again the whole process could take some time or more to the point several men.

Like the previous story I was always overcome with lust walking into a toilet and soon had a regular round of places to visit, within cycling distance.

I usually was at least semi hard walking in and once there had an overwhelming desire to get naked and make myself available. I only went with much older men over 50 otherwise I was not interested and as older men were the ones looking for sex I soon had a regular stream of men wanting relief.

Many was the time I went in and the cubicles were busy but if there was a man who knew me I was soon naked and sucking cock. I became shameless and often when in a cubicle stripped off and just walked outside to look for cocks or pushed open the door if I was sucking cock through the gloryhole so everyone could watch.

I also discovered how sexually adventurous many men were. most loved sloppy seconds or even more if sucking a man you held his cock at the base and as he shot in your mouth you let it dribble over your hand there were always men looking for you to hold their cock in your spunk covered hand and add to the load. One of my favourite places was in a big park and many times I was walked naked into the bushes by a group of men looking for outdoor sex.

I was always horny in the late morning and found that many men who were retired were on the look out at that time. I reckoned that to make me cum four times usually took between 6-10 men every session working on the basis that several shot their load quickly.

By the late evening I was ready for another session and night time was always more sexual.

In those days there were no vandals so many public toilets in parks with playing fields had showers. I used to park my bike so it could be seen I was around and then go for a long run to keep fit. Then i went into the showers stripped off and always left the curtain open while showering. When I finished there were usually a group of men standing wanking. After a session of sucking and wanking a couple wanted to fuck me so I bent over the sink while they took turns sinking cock into me. When they had finished there were usually one or two waiting. The guys fucking me assumed they were just watching and left as soon as they had cum in me. I went into the shower and squatted down . The two men came in and stood over me holding their cocks and soon a wonderful stream of hot pee was washing over me over my face into my mouth over my cock and I moved to let them pee over my bum and back. It was like having a long cum bath and always made me rock hard. As soon as they had finished I sucked them off and they always told me I was the only lad that let them do that and we made another date. I always told them they could bring others into pee fun but thats another story. I then showered again and went into the main toilet looking for more. on a good week I reckon over a hundred men had some form of sex with me many were just a quick wank and cum but soon over 70% were men I had had sex with before so it became very relaxed and more fun. I quickly graduated to a group of around 25 men who wanted full on regular sex in bed with no time limits and usually in groups of 4-8 men at a time. This kept me very satisfied but occasionally I could not resist and went looking of sex in public toilets again.