Written by juice_monkey

6 Feb 2014

hello again , here is the next installment. it is a Tuesday , 5 to 1pm and i could not wait to get into the toilets for one of my Tuesday afternoon nude wanks , i enter the toilets , good nobody at the urinals , i turn for the cubicles , all are empty , but as i pass the hand basins there are two young Asian lads stood talking , i continue into MY cubicle and lock the door behind me , i pull my pants down and sit on the bog , i dont get naked yet because i am not sure about the lads by the sink , i kneel down and look under the the wall and door of the middle cubicle , i can just see their feet , they are not going anywhere i thought , then i began to wonder if they were up for some cock fun. i slowly stripped out of my clothes settled back on the bog and started wanking my hard cock , i built up a rhythm so my balls were slapping against my legs , hoping they would hear , all the time i was wondering if i was going to suck my first black cock or maybe two . suddenly i heard footsteps i knelt on the floor and looked under , checking both wall and door , one of the Asian lads was outside MY cubicle he pushed against the door , it was locked , then he tapped his foot under the door , i knew this was a sign for cock fun , you wanking in there he said , open the door you can wank and suck me , what about your mate i said , dont worry about him he said you can suck both of us if you want , sure why not i said , open the door then he said , i got up and unlocked the door and slowly opened it , i was stood behind so he could not see i was naked , i looked out and he was stood there wanking his cock , yes his cock or should i say his big black cock , it was massive maybe ten inches , i tugged the door open to get a better view , he shouted to his mate get round here this lads got fuck all on , were in here , his mate came round he was wanking his dick , not as big as his mates maybe six inches , i was just stood there with my own seven inches on show , my mind was racing , wondering what was going to happen it was like time had stood still , i made the first move , you both coming in then i said , it was a no brainer they followed me in and locked the door behind them , i was on the floor in a flash , i took hold of both cocks and wanked them and then took turns to suck them , the lad with ten inches said do you fuck as well , i do i said but i have not took anything as big as yours , dont worry he said its my mates turn to fuck , you can suck me off while he fucks you , ok i said , ten inches sat on the bog ready , i gave his mate another suck to get his cock covered in saliva then turned round and bent over to get my mouth round that massive cock , six inches spat some saliva on my arse and then placed his cock at the entrance to my hole , inch by inch he entered me , with me letting out moans while still sucking on that ten inch cock , he starts to raise his rhythm banging away in my arse , i am almost gagging on the cock in my mouth , this is fucking great he says to his mate , hes taking mine with ease , i think he should be able to take yours , another time ten inches says hes doing a good job sucking my cock i want him to swallow my spunk down his throat he sure knows how to suck cock , six inches was really ramming his cock in me now , i sensed he was ready to cum and soon after i felt a warm feeling in my arse , he continued till his cock subsided then pulled out of me , ten inches then stood up , i knelt on the floor , he put his hands behind my head and started fucking my mouth , six inches spunk was dribbling out of my arse when ten inches shot his load in my mouth , fucking hell i struggled to swallow it , it was like a thick milkshake , eventually i drank it all down , i was fucking knackered . they left me their phone numbers and said get in touch soon , ten inches said dont forget its my turn to fuck next time. we met many times after that Tuesday afternoon and yes ten inches fucked me and yes it hurt like fuck but i think it was worth it , i will be back soon with Keighley market toilets part 7 i hope you enjoy reading this part 6 .