Written by juice_monkey

10 Jan 2015

HI AGAIN TO ALL its another summer 82 and I am 21 a Friday and I had gone to the toilets for my usual nude sucking sessions , I have parked the car and heading for the toilets when I spot a police van , I divert into the church graveyard at the side and watch , six coppers go into the toilets FUCK IT I thought I am not waiting around here and go back to my car. I am thinking of where to go for some fun when Utley toilets sprang into my mind , it is only 5 minutes away so off I set. on the way I realise how lucky I had been , 2 minutes sooner and I would have been stripped naked in the market toilets , I laugh to myself imagining the look on the coppers face finding me like that. anyway I am on my way to Utley toilets I had been a couple of times before ( it wasn't as popular as the market toilets )( as you go in there are 2 cubicles then you turn to your right and there is a urinal that has room for 5 people ) first time I went I made contact at the urinals , the guy was slightly older than me 25 or 26 he was stood having a piss so I stood next to him and whipped my cock out and started to pee , I took a sly peep , wow , a nice fat one , I make eye contact with him , he responds , good he up for some fun . I ask him if I can suck it , he says not here I will go into the graveyard ( yes I know another church and graveyard )you follow , I give him a couple of minutes then follow. I find him by a doorway leading under the church , his pants are round his ankles and he is tossing his cock FUCKING HELL its massive 11 inches but fat as well about 4 inch wide , I am on it in no time and suck like mad , soon rewarded with his thick spunk down my throat and then he sucked me off. the 2nd time at these toilets I again made contact with someone , he again told me to meet him in the graveyard , when I met him he said follow me and took me right down to the bottom of the graveyard next to the railway line , there was a shed down there , he asked me in , once inside he asked what I wanted done and what did I want to do , I asked if I could suck him off and swallow his spunk and then would he suck me off, sure he replied , so off came my shirt and I am unfastening my pants when he asked me , what are you doing , don't worry I said its your lucky day and I stripped naked , I like doing it naked I said then took his cock in my mouth and sucked him off , he asked me to stand on a chair that was by the window then he didn't have to bend over as he had a bad back , I jump on the chair my 7 incher slapping against my stomach and he proceeds to suck me , I shot my load down his throat just as a train was going past , I wondered how many lucky people saw that . Anyway I digress as I enter the toilets both cubicles are occupied , I turn to the urinals and there are 4 blokes at them , I go in the middle of them making sure I have tapped feet with the men either side of me get my cock out and pretend to piss , I look down at my cock then look at the bloke next to me ,hmm I think as I look at his cock , it could be a 9 incher when erect , the bloke to the left of him is already hard 7 inch like mine , I look to the bloke on my right not as big about 5 inch when erect the bloke to the right of him is hard too again about 7 inches , right I think , I will make the first move , I start to pull on my cock getting it hard as I have done this I have pulled my balls out of my pants , the men on either side of me see this and start to pull on their dicks , I am rock hard now I release my hand and leave my cock on view the purple head glistening , I place my left hand on 9 inchers cock and place my right hand on 5 inchers and start tossing them , the two on the outside had seen this and were pulling away on their cocks , I was right once he was fully erect he was 9 inch , 9 incher got hold of my cock and started tossing me while 5 incher was playing with my balls , after 5 minutes I asked 9 incher if I could suck him off and swallow his spunk , don't worry I said to the others I will suck you all off , they were all up for it , move into the middle of the toilets I said I can be wanking two while I suck a third , 5 incher said he would the door and keep watch so if anyone came to the toilets he would warn us , ok I said but I still want your spunk down my throat. we moved to the middle of the toilets I slipped my pants around my ankles and knelt on the floor with my back to 5 incher I told him to keep coming over and toss me between keeping guard , the other three faced me they too had there pants around their ankles all sporting hard cocks , I am sorry I said to the 7 inchers but I am sucking that 9 inch cock first , so off I go I take hold of 9 inches and place his knob end to my lips , my tongue flicks out and scoops up the pre-cum flowing from his cock then I plunge forward taking his cock all the way down my throat I build up a rhythm up and down on his cock , once I am sure he is rock hard I release my grip on his cock and start to toss the two 7 inchers , 5 incher keeps coming over to pull on my cock so I then alternate from 9 incher to 5 incher so he isn't left out , taking his cock in my mouth with ease. This had been going on for 10 minutes when the cubicle doors opened and two blokes appeared , 5 incher and the two 7 inchers started to fret , I released 9 incher from my mouth and turned to look at them , its ok I said I know them from Keighley market toilets , my mouth went straight back onto 9 inchers cock , 5 incher resumed his guard duty at the door , and both 7 inchers were back in my hands , the other two came over to me and pulled my t-shirt up over my head and off me , hungrily my mouth plunged back on 9 incher deep throating him and then my hands back on the 7 inchers , they then moved down to my pants and helped me out of them ,so once again there I was naked in a public toilet sucking one cock and wanking two others , but it didn't stop there one of the blokes from the cubicles asked if he could fuck me and his mate would suck me , I released 9 inch from my mouth and asked the others if they minded , they all said they didn't but they couldn't believe this was happening , go for it I said before once more plunging my mouth back onto 9 inchers cock , they stood me up so that my back was level while I sucked 9 incher then somehow one of the other blokes got between me and 9 incher and soon I felt his lips on my cock , the other bloke got behind me and spread my legs apart knelt down and started to lick my arse , god what a feeling , his tongue was probing further and further into my hole , his saliva was running down my legs , I knew it wouldn't be long before he was sticking his cock in me , I released 9 incher and had a quick look over to 5 incher , he had come back inside the toilets a bit had his pants round his ankles and was tossing like fuck somehow still managing to get his head round the wall watching the door , I asked if everyone was ready because once I started to get fucked I wanted their spunk down my throat , they replied they were so once again my mouth wrapped around 9 incher , my legs started to feel like jelly from the tonging my arse was getting , then I felt the tip of his cock against my arse , I knew he had a good 8 - 8 1/2 inch as he had fucked me several times before , then he slipped it into me slowly at first till I got used to it , soon he was slapping it in. HEAVEN I WAS IN FUCKING HEAVEN ,there I was with fuck all on once again , my head was going up and down on 9 inchers cock applying suction to force his spunk from his balls , saliva from my mouth dripping onto the bloke who was slurping away on my cock , a cock in each hand and a cock up my arse , as I said HEAVEN FUCKING HEAVEN . 9 incher shouted im gonna cum , im gonna cum and he exploded into my mouth , a nice thick wad of spunk hit the back of my throat and I quickly swallowed it before another 2,3,4,5,6,7 followed it , I had to release one of the 7 inchers so I could catch any spilling out , greedily I swallowed it all , I asked 9 incher to change places with 5 incher , it wasn't long before I had 5 inchers spunk down my throat followed by both 7 inchers all while being fucked , I asked 9 , 5 and the two 7 inchers all to stay and watch the rest , which they said they would , I asked the bloke sucking me to strip off like I had so we could 69 , in no time he was naked ,the other four were stunned when they saw his cock , 12 inch of solid meat was standing to attention waiting to go down my throat, I told the bloke still fucking me that I was going to kneel over his mate to 69 with him so to reposition himself then give it me good ,my throat was slippery from four loads of spunk and as 12 incher disappeared inch by inch down my throat 9 ,5 and the two 7 inchers were saying things like , go on lad take it all , give him a good blow job , someone said fucking hell there is 20 inches in him 12 down his throat and 8 up his arse , 8 1/2 was well banging me now , to the point where I was pushing back at him to get maximum pleasure , I kept sucking on 12 incher for all I was worth , bobbing up and down on him before once more taking all 12 inch down my throat , my nose resting on his balls ,it couldn't last soon I was shooting my load into 12 inchers mouth , screaming for him to give me his and one last time I took all 12 inch into my mouth , I didn't have to swallow , it just went straight down my throat as he pulled his cock out I made sure I had got it all by cleaning him up with my tongue , then he surprised me , he tilted my head and dribbled all my spunk from his mouth into mine , which was gratefully received and quickly swallowed , 8 1/2 inch withdrew from my arse , I knelt up and from about two foot away he shot two lots of spunk into my mouth before lunging forward and emptying the rest down my throat , what a fucking session that was , never before have I been so grateful to the police , because if they hadn't been at Keighley market toilets I would have missed out on swallowing seven lots of spunk. 9 , 5 ,and the two 7 inchers thanked me for the show and occasionally we met up to repeat it , but not in the toilets .