Written by kim

5 Jan 2017

I spent hours getting ready for the estate agent to call ,black high heeled boots and stockings short white skirt,with a very tight tin white top that made my nipples erect nearly poking through the thin material,loads of make up and ready for my young man,doorbell rings and i rush to the door and shit I say as under my breath there stands the girl from the estate agent, to cut the story short she done her job and dropped sarcastic comments about my dress , she left and I popped into to see jimmy,ushered me in and was eager to hear my story with the young man,he said he was sorry and wished he was 20 again, I gave him a hug and all of a sudden I felt his hand on my leg and it was sliding under my short skirt and then he was fingering my cunt,he didn't need training like the young boys he hit the mark straight away,i said take me to bed , he was fingering me then he went down on me his tongue was working its magic, I was gushing juices all over and begging him to fuck me but he carried on and on he then fucked me and came quickly and flooded me with his cum ,I lay there exhausted ,ive left him asleep to write this, he said to me not bad for a oldie and if I cant get a youngman could he be ist reserve? I know he will read this and thanks it was one of the best orgasms ever,but jimmy I still love the thought of young man being trained by me in the fun of sex, but how do I meet them? any ideas anyone 3 years jimmy was it worth the wait?