Written by Kinkyat50

27 Aug 2009

well, it hasn't taken long to find some willing partners on here, and I am very glad I did.

Last night, after some very very steamy emails, I arranged to meet a gentleman at a local hotel bar.

He was very smartly dressed, and his manners were impecable, and he treated like a lady for the entire evening. We chatted about all sorts, but as he hadn't made any reference to the reason we were there, I began to think he didn't fancy me.

After a few hours or so I excused myself to go to the ladies, he smiled as I rose from the table. I entered the cubicle, and heard someone else come in but took no notice, then as I came out I was shocked to see my gentleman friend standing by the basin.

Now then young lady, I think it's about time you showed me whats on offer.....remove your panties now please...he said stearnly!

I was a bit taken aback and hesitated......NOW! he said

I hitched my skirt up and slowly slid my panties down to my ankles.

OK thats nice he said, now...turn around, spread your legs and bend over.

I was terrified someone would walk in, but the look on his face showed me he was serioius...so I did as I was told.

I bent from the waiste, exposing myself to him as he came up behind me. I felt his hand rub my bottom, and then his fingers found my very wet pussy and he slipped them in and out a couple of times making me very wet in deed.

Now, he said, give me your panties.

He took my panties and began to rub my wet pussy with them, then to my surprise he started to put them in side me!

He managed to get the material right up inside me, I was so wet my juices began to run down my thigh.

Now he said........lets return to our drinks..and don't you dare take them out! With that he turned and walked out!

I rejoined him at the table to find a fresh drink, he smiled, and the conversation continued as if nothing had happened. After another hour or so, I said I had to be excused again. all those drinks were going straight through me.

No he said..........we are leaving now.

I explained that I really needed the ladies but he just looked at me and said...we are leaving now.

He turned and I meekly followed him out into the carpark and towards his car. By now I really did need to pee, and said that I would have to go back to the pub.

With that he pulled me too him and thrust his hand up my skirt, teasing my clit, the cold air making it hard immediately, I could feel my pussy pulsate, it was still full of my panties, and I was just so wet!

He teased my clit as I gasped, warning him that I was so desperate to pee. His teasing fingers continued until I could hold back no longer, and I felt the relief as I gushed uncontrolably, desperately looking around, terrified that someone might see. there were a few youngsters down the end of the car park but they took no notice of the elderly man and woman "talking" by the open car door.

All the time I was peeing he just looked straight into my eyes, his fingers working on my clit. When the flow had stopped, my knees weakened as he slowly teased the fabric of my panties out of my now soaking wet pussy, and I was amazed to find that I was cumming as the silky wet material slowly slipped out of me. I gasped with pleasure as he gently used the panties to wipe around my pussy and my thighs. By now I was having to lean against the car for support.

He smiled. Thank you for a wonderful evening he said. I do hope we can meet again soon. And with that he got in his car, taking my soaking wet knickers with him and drove off.

I was stunned...and more than a little dissappointed...and walked back to my car, my pussy aching and my legs like jelly.

As I started to pull away my phone beeped. it was a text from him...a picture of his erect cock wrapped in my soaking panties. The message said.

i am in the layby up the road...if you want this come and get it.

Well, as you can imagine, by now I was so horny I could hardly drive, but I soon found the layby he meant, and saw his car so I pulled up just behind him.

He didnt' move so I got out of the car and approached the drivers door. He was sat wanking his cock slowly into my wet knickers. He smiled at me and opened the door...but didnt get out..instead he just swivvled round so that his feet were on the ground. If you want this he said.......sit on it.

The traffic was quite busy, and we could be clearly seen from the road but I didn't care, I hitched my skirt up at the back and inched myself down on to his lovely hard cock, his hands reached around the front, pulling at the buttons on my blouse until my breasts were exposed, pulling my bra up over them, the night air making my nipples hard in an instant.

I rode his cock up and down, my juices flowing over his balls. A few of the cars beeped as us but I didn't care.....I needed this so badly!

My orgasm hit me by surprise yet again, so sudden and so intense, I felt myself squirt as I sunk down onto his cock ramming it deep inside me. As I finished, he moved me off his cock and told me to turn round. I knew what he wanted, so lowered myself to my knees and took his hot hard cock in my mouth sucking him greedily. In just a few minutes I felt his shaft twitch, he pulled out of my mouth and aimed his cock at my breasts and I watched in delight as he spurted his cum all over them, some hitting my chin and my hair.

I stood up, and went to wipe myself........no he said.....leave it. I want you to drive home just like that....with your tits covered in my cum. Send me a photo when you get home to prove you did it for me.

With that, he wrapped my wet knickers around his now flaccid cock and drove off, I teetered back to my car, my breasts barely hidden by my blouse, cum trickling down my chin and my breasts and drove home in a daze.

I sent the photo to him and he sent one back of my panties covered in his cum where he had masturbated in them. Who would have though it...still kinky at 50 found a real hot male so close to home, and all thanks to swinging heaven.