Written by Greg1978

13 Apr 2010

We had been married for seven years when Kirsty got naughty, things were good between us, but she was tempted! It started the night of my brother’s wedding, which was a big wedding with lots of friends and family. I hadn't spent much time with Kirsty and I did notice that she was chatting to one of my mates Jon which was fine with me, but at one point I wonder where they had gone! I follow my nose to where she had gone which lead me out of the building, and around the back, I was calling Kirsty to see where she was and as I turned a corner I was meet by Jon walking towards me. Kirsty had managed to sneak off and was back at the reception when me and Jon returned. I had a feeling things didn’t add up, but we was having fun so Kirsty and me hit the dance floor till the night was over, by the time the taxi arrived we where both drunk ! We invited Jon back to sleep on the sofa, as the spare room was taken! Me and Kirsty went to bed and managed to make love even thou we were drunk, but both very horny.

Next morning I left early as I had been roped into helping clean up after the wedding, having not yet recovered from the night before, it took longer than I had hoped. When I returned back home Jon was still there but our other guests had left early. Kirsty and Jon were both downstairs watching telly, both complaining about the heavy night. Jon stuck around the rest of the afternoon watching DVDs till he felt sober enough to drive. I dropped him back to his car and returned home to Kirsty. We talked about the night before and chilled out for the rest of the day together.

Later that evening she fancied a bath and said I would join her as I was feeling horny again and we both enjoy some bath time fun. As I fucked her in the bath I started talking dirty to Kirsty accusing her of sleeping with my mate Jon. She played along with the fantasy till we both came. We lay there in the bath I ask her seriously if she fancied Jon and would she shag him if she had the chance. She seems relate to answer, but after assuring me that she loved me she said yes. I quickly replied that she could have bonked him that morning! She then asks what I would do if she had. I still thought she was playing with me so I said it would be fine. There was a look on her face that made me to ask the next question, did she have sex with Jon that morning?! Nothing prepared me for answer I got, yes she had! A hundred question followed as the truth came out.

After I left that morning and the other guest went home from our house, Kirsty was downstairs making a drink when Jon woke up. She made him coffee and chatted a bit about been interrupted by me the night before, Kirsty dismiss it as drunken behaviour. Jon asks if he could go to bed upstairs to sleep off his hangover. Kirsty went back to her bed for an hour then got dressed for the day, as she was passing the spare room she pop her in to see if Jon was ok, he wanted to know why she had dressed, she asked why. He said hoped that she was still in her dressing grown. She didn’t reply. He went on to ask her for a cuddle but she wasn’t sure. Jon said he enjoyed the passionate kiss they had the night before and wanted more. They talked some more till Kirsty sat on the bed and it wasn’t long before Jon hand was caressing the base of her back. She told him not to be naughty, he asked her to tell him to stop, Kirsty didn’t reply. Jon pull my wife towards him and they embraced, kissing him, she said things quickly got very passionate and her jeans was lost while he push his hand into her pants, soon she was on top lowering herself down onto his cock, with her wet pussy Kirsty rode my friends cock hard. She was so excited she quickly came, and suddenly had regrets about what just started, Kirsty wanted to stop leaving Jon with before finishing him off!!

The rest of the day must have been hard for her after I return, she said she was horny as hell but with Jon hanging around she was feeling guilty about her morning fuck. I couldn’t believe my ears, I was shaking and felt dizzy, but I was also horny as fuck with a raging hard on. By this time we was out of the bath sitting on the bed in our towels, Kirsty was worry about how I was reacting, she asked if I was ok, I replied by pushing her backwards onto the bed and pulling her towel away. She tried to stop me but I told her I wanted to see her used pussy, I pushed her legs open, she tried to wiggle away but I wanted to taste that cunt. I overpowered her and forced my head between her legs, soon my lips were wrapped around her clit and my tongue was darting in and out of her pussy. Her hands which were trying to pull me away suddenly relaxed and then quickly started to push my head harder into her groin. She then started to fuck my face, I kept asking her if he came in her, she denied it, but I didn’t believe her. She came hard on my face, Kirsty started screaming at me to fuck her, I was soon inside her fucking her like the first time ever, but it wasn’t. It was her fourth fuck that day. We fucked for hours doing different position and me fucking her arse. I told her to fuck him again, but this time she had to it properly, but that another story...