Written by Funboy1966

28 Jan 2010

A gang from the office went for a Friday night drink and by 10pm most of us were pissed or on the way. There was a good mix of men and women, and lots of suggestive comments and flirting. I knew this girl Val to say hello too and found myself sat next to her. Soon we were snogging and her hand was rubbing my thighs

"Meet me outside in five minutes" she said

I slipped away on the pretext of getting more drinks and saw her by the pub's main entrance. We went round the corner to a dark part of the car park and were soon going at it like randy teenagers

She rubbed my dick through my pants while I squeezed her arse and groped her big bouncy tits

"I want you to shag me Rob" she said. "Do it now"

I pulled down her tights and slipped a finger into her pussy, which was wet as fuck. She was on heat and ripped my dick out of my pants. "Fuck me now" she said. My cock was hard and I slammed it up her without any delay

She bit my neck as I pumped my cock inside her, "Harder, come on, harder" she ordered me. I wasn't going to last long but she wasn't complaining. She was bouncing up and down on me in a frenzy, and soon I was pumping hot spunk up her

It was still dribbling down her legs as she headed back into the pub with a smile on her face