Written by Nowtabout

21 Jul 2016

The entry to my flat is up 2 flights of stairs which i share with 4 other flats, but all of our doors are hidden from view of the others, I can see people coming up the stairs from my living room and as my door is the last in the row, i have plenty of time to shut curtains etc if i don't want to answer the knock.

In the last couple of months i have got quite a kick out of flashing, or at least 'accidently' flashing some people that knock, it actually started as an accident, i had just got out of the bath when there was a knock one day, and i wrapped a towel around my mid-drift and answered the door, it was only a guy reading the gas and electricity meter so i let him in, he kept looking me up and down, but i thought it was just the fact i had only a towel on, it was only when he left and i went back into the bathroom that i noticed he could see more than just the towel and my cock was slightly visable.

This got me thinking, and i wondered what he had been thinking, was he bi or gay etc, since this i have done it a few more times, the next one was two women that were delivering a religious book, they did 2 doors each, and the elder lady out of the two came to my door, so i wrapped the towel around, wet my hair, made sure that my cock was on view and opened the door, slightly pretending to hide behind the door but making sure she could see, she didn't look down at first, she kept my eye quite well, but as she glanced down at the leaflet she had, i noticed her catch a glimpse, and she then glanced quite a few times after, i actually got semi hard while she was chatting away, and by this time the other woman had come round to my door, and i lost my bottle a bit and moved behind the door.

So since this i have flashed delivery men and women as often as i can some notice some don't, one woman who was delivering a parcel said to me 'your package is better than mine, i think you need a bigger towel' i had to pretend to try to cover up while my cock grew instantly, she of course noticed this and said, as she held up her left hand, 'If i didnt have this ring i would help you out with that' and she went.

So this gets me to this morning, it was still quite early and i noticed a guy heading up the stairs with some leaflets, when i realised he was knocking on the neighbours doors, i quickly got undressed and was wetting my hair when the door knocked, i grabbed the towel but it takes a few seconds to get it in the right place to make sure my cock is on show and to make it look like an accident, so as i opened the door the towel was not tied right, the guy literally took a long look from my toes, pausing at my cock and then up to my eyes, 'Hello' he said cheerily, 'I was going to say hope im not catching you at an inconvenience time, but i see that i am' all i could so was say Hi back, 'well' he said ' i have been delivering these all morning, and you are my last one, but i'm glad i didn't miss that sight, as you have made my day'. I glanced down as realised my cock was on full view and as i looked back up he was staring at it smiling, My cock twitched at this, and the guy said 'could i trouble you for a glass of water?' I said sure and turned to walk into the kitchen, they guy had stepped into the hall when i got back with the water, and i had moved the towel so that my cock was mostly hidden, 'Oh' he said 'i was enjoying that view, you have a lovely cock' All this did was get me slightly harder and with this he stepped forward and touched my cock, as soon as he did i got hard, so he held out the glass of water which i took back and in one swoop was down on his knees licking the tip of my cut cock, as he took it fully into his mouth, i got rock hard and he began sucking and licking, i knew i wasn't going to last long, he was sucking me better than i had been in a few years, and withing a couple of minutes i warned him i was going to cum , he did not break stride, he just carried on and as i began to pulse and spurt my come into his mouth he swallowed the lot down, sucking the last drop out and licked me clean, as he stood up he said 'It wasn't water i was thirsty for after all'

As he walked back down the stairs i realised that he didn't even drop his leaflet off