Written by the hgusband

3 Apr 2013

Hi I had jest watched my wife Julia having sex with her lover Phil I was hid in a walk in wardrobe Phil is quite a bit younger than her and I had only meet him that day Julia had told me quite a bit about him I think she may of over ester mated the size of his manhood it was large bigger than mine but I would guess two or maybe a little more inches longer than my five the only thing with it was its girth it was a really fat one with a big bulbous bell end my wife had said it was nine plus I wonder how she ever park her car

I was inside the wardrobe with door ajar looking threw the gap neither of them knew I was there I had watched it all I had mixed feelings I felt jealous see them kiss and snog but the sex act really excited me so much so I cum in my pants I was surprised by how loud and vocal Julia was and how she climaxed on his cock was surprising it was quite violent she had arched up off the bed and her hole body shook she has never done that with me

It had taken him ten maybe fifteen minutes no more to cum in her mind you it was a very energetic fuck shagging her like he did well to last that long

He had rolled off her and they both lay there getting there breath back my wife's chest was heaving the effect of a strong climax had taken her breath away also she a middle aged woman now and that was a very energetic fuck she jest had

I eased the door open a tad more that gave me a clear view of both of them they lay there not saying any thing as I watched them Julia moved a little closer she kissed his cheek I heard say that was wonderful he smiled I sore her hand go over to his semi hard cock it was covered in cum and her juice it still looked menacing laying over the top of his thigh my wife was now kissing his neck she moved down and licked each nipple she inched lower getting closer to his knob end the foreskin was still back his helmet was dark pinkie red almost purplish color Julia's tongue flicked out she licked all round his bell end then up and down the shaft like she was cleaning it he started to stiffen she moved round between his legs and lifted his bollocks I had not noticed the size of his balls till then he got a hell of a set of plums on him she licked and suck them holding his dick at the same time with other hand she lick under his ball I couldn't see how far down she went she was there some time he had his head back and he got stiffer she came up and took it in her mouth it was soon rock hard again the vines dark and protruding on the shaft

She moved up straddling his hips she bent down the kissed as she bent forward that open her pussy it looked open there was a dribble of sperm oozing out his cock was laying in the cress of her bum going up to the small of her back her hand came under her she gripped his dick Julia's wedding ring shone in the light as her finger went round it she had to lift up to get his meaty weapon under her when she had in the right place she eased back onto it with a grown taken half of it she sat upright taken the rest with a gasp at first she rocked on it then lent forward then back a number of times

She then adjusted herself to a squatting position with Phil's help as she started to lift he supported her arms at first it was a slow movement moving up and down his full length

she started to speed up till she was fucking herself like a mad woman crying his name his cock was like a plunger forcing his spunk out of her he left inside her she flung herself back upright gasping she slumped forward on top of him with a squeal she trembled like she was spamming he then picked up the pace from under her driving his cock into as fast as he could it didn't take long before he emptied his nuts in her they lay as they where for a time

When they did part I did think it was all over they lay together talking in low vices almost a whisper I was wondering how much long I be in the wardrobe and went to the back

to sit down maybe a half an hour later I heard our bed moving I went to see what it was and bloody hell the basted to fucking her on her back okay he wasn't going at her like did before but he still got a pace going it was plain he was going take longer to cum this time it was a slower fuck it wasn't that long before he made her cum after a time he pulled out and got her on her hands and knees he rammed into from behind he then stayed still and let her fuck herself I was surprised at how fast she did it her tits where swinging she brought herself off on his cock he then spat on her asshole and pushed a thumb in it she went wiled it got him going as well he banged her a lot harder till he shoot his load in her it only took a couple of minutes before he let go

I move to the back I hard the talking my name came up he must of phoned a taxi I waited the door bell rang the taxi Phil left

I pushed the wardrobe door open Julia lay on the be naked with her eyes closed I got to the foot of the bed before she realized I was there she jumped say where did you come from I said I have been here all afternoon she said where I said in there