Written by Seb and Koko

24 Jan 2014

I felt that I wasn't pleasuring Seb as much as I would like. How could I give him the maximum pleasure. He evidently appreciated the way I worked on his cock and balls but sometimes he would help me by touching a particular place on his rigid rod. I felt I could do better. Greg, I thought. He's gay he knows what it feels like to have his cock worked on and how to pleasure someone else's.

I told Greg what I was thinking and asked his help. It would be a strange threesome but I was excited at the thought of having the two cocks as I had before. I told Greg of the plan and he readily agreed.


When Koko told me of her plan I was excited. Her cock skills were great but there was always room for improvement.

Greg had been invited to a meal. He arrived wearing tight jeans bulge already in evidence. Kok had her demure look white - blouse (but no bra), trendy short flared black skirt and a broad red belt and, of course black hold ups. Unusually her thick, lustrous black hair was tied back in a pony tail. That spelt out to me that oral was in mind. The hold ups and heels meant I hoped to doggy her in her clothes over the table later.

After the meal Koko said, "Let's go up to the bedroom". Upstairs, she started to stroke my tackle through my jeans and I felt the blood coursing through my cock. Greg came over and together they worked my mound. I felt my belt undone. My jeans fell to my ankles and Greg and Koko went to their knees. Both worked over the stretched fabric of my briefs. I felt I might cum there and then. Greg stood up and dropped his jeans. His thick cock and heavy balls were like a snake in a bag. He had see-through briefs which held his cock and balls forwards and the head of his cock was drilling through them. He looked magnificent.

"Koko", he said "work me through my pants. Stroke my balls and draw my head towards you. When my hips begin to thrust pull off my pants". I watched. Strange seeing Koko work his cock. His hips began to go. Koko slid his pants down and out sprang his great throbbing cock. "Now do the same to Seb".My hand had been stroking my own cock through my pants and Koko came over and worked me until I was so excited that I was thrusting towards her kneeling in front of me. She leant forwards and kissed me he mouth working over the taught fabric. I looked across and Greg was slowly wanking himself.

Koko slid my pants down allowing my cock the freedom it had been longing for. "hold his cock in one hand and cup his balls with the other. Play with the tip of his helmet gently with you tongue. Explore the spunk slit. Taste the salty pre-cum Then round the lower ridge." It felt fantastic. In the wardrobe mirrors. I could see the reflection of her tongue dancing and flicking over my swollen blue throbbing helmet, her small hand with the scarlet nails encircled the base. "On the underside there are some really sensitive spots. He came forwards and touched the underside of my cock. "Here?" "Yes", I gasped. "Stroke gently, here and here", he said. Koko produced sensations I had never experienced. I wanted to face fuck her pulling her mouth down on my cock thrusting deep until I felt myself explode filling her mouth with my spunk and see it oozing out of her lips and dribbling down her chin.

"Now wanking. Stand behind Seb in front of the wardrobe mirrors. Reach round. Slide you hands very slowly up. Coax his cock to grow even more. Linger over those special points. Tease the base of the helmet. Then faster down. Look." He stood beside us and demonstrated with his hand, pleasuring his cock skilfully and exploring his balls. Koko and I watched as he became totally absorbed in his masturbation. Koko copied from behind me. Two cocks being worked as we all watched was a real turn on to us. "And Koko learn to read his facial expressions"

"Lets lie on the bed." We did. "Koko lean over me and take my cock into your mouth". I watched as his swollen cock slipped in between her pink lips. He explained how she should suck and blow, twist her head. use her cheeks teeth and tongue. How she should match her mouth slipping up and down with her hand. How she should squeeze, encircle nibble and kiss my balls. Then he said, "Now do it to Seb." She had learned a lot and had me in ecstasy.

"Seb and I are going to have a night of fun", she said to Greg. "What can we do for you?

"The two of you bring me off", he replied immediately. Koko used her new found oral skills as he lay on his back. Then he wanted me to try. It was very strange feeling his throbbing, salty cock in my mouth. When his hips began to thrust urgently, Koko slipped one hand under his firm arse whilst caressing his balls with the other. I worked his cock kneeling over him on the bed, my own erect member waving proudly around. Slowly at first then with increasing urgency I worked him until with a shout he shot his juice into the air. One, two three spurts of white cream shot out, arcing on to his chest noisily. Koko bent forwards to lick his cock clean. "No. Seb". I bent forwards encircling the tip with my lips and licked the sticky, salty juice off the still hard tip. Koko reached forwards and kissed me, tongue exploring my mouth for Greg's juice.

Later, when he had gone, Koko put her refined skills to work on me. We didn't get to the table. I doggy-fucked her over the bed both of us watching our reflection in the mirror as my swollen, hungry tool, balls slapping noisily, was buried deep inside her and slowly withdrawn She pushed greedily back to devour me whilst, hands on hips, I pulled her back onto my own thrusting hips until, with a yell, my spunk exploded deep inside her.

Thanks Greg.