Written by Magnus

24 Jun 2010

My wife Kristy is a gorgeous Swede with a very trim figure, 36c. We have been apart quite a bit this past year due to my work. One day after we talked on the phone it became clear to me that my wife was sexually frustrated. I began thinking about it and considered what the options were. In our sex life I try as much as possible to satisfy her. I do everything possible to help her reach her peak every time. I even tell her stories of us fucking in exotic and risky places and I've even told her stories of us having a threesome - with another woman but mostly with another man. Some of our fantasies were of her being fucked by three men while I just watched. Her favourite was of her meeting a guy in a night club, while I was there. They flirted with each other and just hit it off and then when I went to the loo they made their move. The initial plan was for her to take whomever she decided upon to our room and I would follow after she'd had sometime with him alone, but instead she went with him to his room. And I being none the wiser returned to our room only to find it empty. She on the other hand was in a room just down the hall being fucked by this stud in every possible position. As I recalled this fantasy of ours I realised that there was one way in which I could satisfy her sexually even when I was not there and that was not by writing or telling her similar stories. I decided to give her the green light to have sex with anyone if she fancied. It would work like this. If when she was out with a guy and her hormones ran high she could either go to his place or take him to our place but with just one condition, that she relate the whole encounter in detail to me.

When I told her this, she giggled and asked, “What makes you think I’m sexually frustrated?” and giggled some more.

“A wild guess” I said

“Are you sure about this?”


Nothing came of it for a long time until one day...

She was at the gym working out one evening when all of a sudden she realized that she was alone with a very muscular, good-looking bloke in his early thirties. He had caught her attention a couple of weeks ago and she never failed to throw him a glance or two every time he was there. On two occasions they held each other’s gaze for a brief moment. Now she found her heart pounding and a wave of excitement rush through her body at the thought of them being alone and of what could happen if she made a pass at him.

‘Hi my names Kristy’ she thought, ‘No maybe not.’

‘Hi can you help me develop my breasts I mean my chest muscles? Usch no, sounds like porn’

‘Maybe I could ask him first about another machine and then move onto the chest muscles.’

The more she thought of it the more confident she was getting. She kept looking around to see if anyone else might have entered the room. He had his back to her, and as he worked on his shoulder muscles she couldn’t take her eyes off of them. She wanted so much to reach out and touch and feel every detail of them. She was now breathing heavily.

’What’s happening, I’m losing control.’ She thought.

She closed her eyes and tried to shut him out, ’Maybe that would help.’ She thought. But instead more fantasies kept flooding her head and she got turned on all the more. Her breathing got heavier and the pounding of her heart louder, so loud that she feared that he might hear her. She was about to get up and leave when from nowhere my words came echoing in her ears. She dropped the handle of the machine , it startled him.

“Is everything alright?” He asked

“No not really.I don't seem to be getting anything out of this machine."

It was the one that worked on her triceps.

He walked over to her to take a closer look.

"Okay, you exercise as you normally would and I'll see what you're doing wrong."

She set herself, took a hold of the extended arms of the machine and began to press them downward.

"Good, now hold it there a second"

He reached behind her and felt her triceps.

After a couple of minutes of teaching Kristy was beginning to feel the resistance of the machine.

"Thanks, I've always had trouble with it."

"No problem, is there any other machine you are having trouble with?"

She hesitated and said, "Yeah, there is. With that one"

She was pointing to the one that helps develop the chest muscles.

"Ok, when you're done with this one I can help you with that one."

He expected Kristy to finish her remaining two sets but she couldn't wait. When he touched her triceps she thought that she might let go of the handles - she was trembling so much on the inside. She got right up and went to the machine, made the necessary adjustments and got started.

He went in front of her and looked at her chest, trying to decide what she was doing wrong.

"Do you feel your muscles working?"

"A little, but not enough I think."

He went to the back of the machine reached over and felt her chest muscle - slightly above her right breast. He then kept his thumb in that position and slid his fingers to the side of her breast, to feel the muscles there. When Kristy had the machine at starting position he asked her to stop. She thought that he was going to increase the weight but he reduced it instead to the lightest weight.

"I've reduced the weight, so begin carefully."

He leaned forward again and took the same position, except this time he did the same with her other breast as well.

"Close your eyes breathe in slowly and continue."

She did. His fingers moved under her breasts and back again. He repeated that a couple of times, each time the pressure increasing a little bit more. Kristy's nipples were getting fuller and firmer and they were now making a very distinct impression through her polyester top. Until now there was no knowing if this was some sort of muscle invigoration or not. He slowly moved his thumbs to the centre of her breasts and encircled her nipples, he rubbed his thumbs over them a couple of times, he then cupped his palms over her breast and started massaging them, keeping in rhythm with her motion. Kristy kept right on as if nothing was happening, though hoping he wouldn't stop. He suddenly slipped his fingers into her top from behind and under her arms and squeezed her breasts hard, she yelp a bit and threw her head back, he leaned over her turned his head a bit and they both kissed lustfully. He squeezed them, rubbed the nipples along the length of his palms, pinched the nipples and then with the back of his palms eased the top down to free her luscious breasts. He moved in front of her; and began sucking her nipples hard. Kristy stopped her workout, she pushed his forehead back so that he was looking up at her and they kissed again lustfully. Though they both smelt a little sweat, it didn't seem to bother them. As they kissed they both reached for each other’s genitals. He was hard and long. She wasted no time; she pulled his training tights down to reveal a massive clean-shaven dick. As she wrapped her hand around his dick he stopped kissing her and moved up closer to her, since she was already sitting down all she had to do was to lean forward and open her mouth. She did. She first kissed the swollen tip, then licked it and then took it in her mouth. While she was busy with his cock he kept squeezing, massaging, fondling and invigorating her breasts.

She ran her tongue along the length of his dick down to his balls and licked them. She took them into her mouth one at a time.

He suddenly realized that it was closing time and that maybe they should finish off in the men’s changing room. But Kristy was all for the experience of being wild even if that meant them getting caught and losing their membership.

She got up removed her tights and then sat at the machine that works on the inner thighs. She moved her legs apart inviting him to lick her. He was mesmerized by her clean-shaven cunt, just above the cunt was a tuft of hair cut and trimmed in the shape of a triangle, one of the tips ending at the top of her cunt. He knelt down and began licking her, she was very wet. He took it all in as if trying to hydrate himself after a tiring workout. His tongue probed her deep. Since he had no condom with him he knew he could not fuck her cunt and so he wanted to satisfy her with has fingers. He fucked her with three fingers and he fucked her hard. She was moaning, groaning and trembling as she held on tight to her seat attempting not to fall off. She couldn’t take anymore, she was climaxing, she pushed him onto the floor, turned to face the machine, took his dick in her hand and guided it into her. She rode him hard, squirming around a bit to maximize the sensation.

“Tell me when you’re coming” she said. He could barely answer, he just grunted. About 20 seconds later he said, ”I’m coming”. Instead f getting off of him she rode him twice the speed for about 3 seconds and as he was about to shoot his cum she got off him. He shot cum on her stomach and leg but before his next shot she had taken him into her mouth and sucked him hard taking it all in.

‘Wow, that was fantastic’ she thought

There were some awkward moments as they both gathered up their things.

"Hi, my name's Russ as in Russell. What's your name?"


"I have a girl-friend at home"

"And I have a husband away from home."