Written by Jackson

30 Oct 2007

I have been a labour contract negotiator for many years and this process here in Tennessee (USA) usually takes about 6 weeks start to signing.

I did this for several years and my wife (great looking sexy wife) usually found something else to do as this process took a lot of time and many nights I wouldn't get home until late.

One year I suggested that she take a few days or week and head to the gulf coast beach of Florida. I knew from our relationship that she would have a great time and if the opportunity presented itself and she found a really good looking stud she could be his for the night or even the week. I wasn't sure what she would do but for sure it wouldn't be sitting home watching the TV.

She called me after her second day there and said she found a great bar right on the beach and there were lots of good looking couples and singles. Jo told me that she had danced almost the entire time she was there after dinner and met some really interesting guys.

I asked her if she found any one of them that she would invite to be with her in bed. Her answer was not a surprise as she said she was looking for a real stud with a dick much bigger than mine (and mine is not all that small at 6 inches). She told me that the slow dancing was a great way to find a good looking guy with a hard dick that turned her on.

On the third night she called me from the bar and said she had hit paydirt and was it ok for her to take him to the hotel for the night. Without hesitation I said of course you need time for fun and not waiting around for me. With that approval she said good night and that we would talk tomorrow.

I don't think I heard anything the Union said that night as I sat there getting hotter and could only imagine how Jo was enjoying her evening and night.

I called Jo the next day and asked how the evening went and she said he was still there in the shower but that she had been fucked about 5 or 6 times over about 5 hours and that his dick was about 7 inches and very thick. Jo told me it was really hot sex as he could fuck for about 30 minutes each time he got in her cunt and that she lost count of the times she finished.

I asked her what her plans were for the rest of the day and for the next 5 or 6 days she was staying at the beach.

Her reply was also not a surprise as she told me that she wanted one more fuck before her new pal left for work and that she would call later BUT she wanted to stay in Florida until I finished and to let her know when to come home.

She also told me that her friend was leaving the next day so after another good nights fuck she would find another lover for a night or for the balance of the week BUT that her new lover would have an even bigger cock.

MORE later but for sure she had fun and brought home a few pictures as well as a big pussy.