Written by Master

13 Nov 2017

Lacey and I have played with her submitting to me in the past. It never seems to work out well. She is too mouthy, not in an enjoyable way, and I get frustrated easily.

However, we decided to give it another try. I found a contract online that would fit our needs and Lacey agreed to sign it. It basically said that she would submit to me 1 day a week to do as I desired and saw fit. Her only stipulation was that there was to be no sexual contact with any of our friends. I had no issue with that.

The first day of her submission came and it was a Saturday. To start it off I had her wear very short cut off shorts and a sheer top with nothing underneath, that’s no bra or panties. This left nothing to the imagination. We had some jobs to do around the house so I didn’t need to worry about public exposure. We headed outside and did some gardening. This gave our neighbour plenty of time to stare at her exposed body. I think he is an arsehole and a wanker but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Lacey showing off for him.

After we were done with the yard work we made some drinks and sat around the back yard cooling off. What she didn’t know was that I had invited a mutual friend that we hadn’t seen for a long time over to have a drink with us. She didn’t know he was back living nearby now. I should mention that he has fucked her before. She was surprised when he arrived but stayed strong. Remember it was her that insisted on “no sexual contact with our friends”. She even did a bit of stretching a bit to make sure that he got a good look at her exposed chest. He stayed a couple of hours and then left.

Later that evening I ran a bath and instructed Lacey to shave and get squeaky clean because she was to be inspected. She normally does it weekly anyway. I informed her that as her new master, I needed to seek the expertise of another to make sure that she was prepared to be controlled. Once out of the bath, I placed her on the bed and blind folded her. I then proceeded to tease her for about one hour. I did not allow her to cum the entire time. I wanted her to be so hot that when he arrived, she would do anything just to cum. It worked. I told her it was time for her inspection. I laid out clothes for her to wear. She put them on and I put the blindfold back on.

I walked Lacey into the living room where the inspector was waiting for us. I had approached a male stripper at a local club to do the job. He was keen to do it for cash and I wasn’t to tell his boss. That suited me. He was a decent fellow and when I told him what I wanted was only to keen to follow instructions. I had instructed him to follow my lead and not say anything.

I brought her in front of him. Lacey was still blindfolded. I asked her if she was ready to be inspected and she said yes. Now, I began unbuttoning her shirt and removed her skirt. That left her in a bra and panties. I had her spin so he could inspect all of her. Then I removed her bra and allowed the inspector to cub her breasts to ensure quality. He approved with a tweak of her nipples. Then the panties with the same routine. Except I had her bend over in front of him so he could inspect her pussy and arse. He approved of both and once again used his finger to run over her mound and follow her slit to her arse.

Lacey was clearly enjoying putting on this performance. I told her then that he needed to see her cum so he knew that her orgasms were genuine. I laid her on the couch, still blind folded, and grabbed a large dildo that she loves and her favour vibrator. She still has no idea who is watching her but she is on full display for him. I began fucking her with the dildo and she worked the vibrator on her clit. She came hard, very hard. I think harder than I have seen her cum in a long time. Not once, but twice. It was an amazing show. The inspector approved, then left.

Then I took Lacey into the bedroom and gave her the fucking she had wanted so badly. I would say that day one was a success.