Written by Gary G

2 Sep 2012

Late one sunday afternoon a few months ago I decided to make a visit to Fantasy Video near the Angel just north of the city. I paid my £12 fee and went downstairs to the two screens. The cinemas were about half full, as usual there were only men watching the porn. I settled down to watch the reasonable video that was playing on the large screen.

I heard some moaning coming from behind me, I turned to take a look at what was going on. A younger man was on his knees sucking the cock of a much older man at the back of the room, at the same time he had his fist wrapped around the cock of another middle aged man who was standing beside them. As I watched the man being sucked pulled his cock out of the lads mouth and shot his semen over his face, instantly the second man fed his prick into the vacant mouth and very soon he too ejaculated over his face. They then walked down to the toilets presumably to clean up.

A few other men were fumbling with each other in the seats towards the rear of the small cinema and several men who were standing against the wall watching the action had their cocks out. I sat watching the video for about an hour until I got bored and decided to leave. As I stepped into the corridor between the two screens I saw a middle aged woman andLady in red a man coming towards me. The slim woman who had short blond hair and was quite attractive was just wearing a very small red bra and panties. The man with her had a bag which I assume contained her street clothes.

She smiled at me as they moved into the left hand screen, the front row of seats were vacant and they both sat down, I quickly sat down in the seat to her right. She was staring at the screen with her legs parted. I moved my legs apart until our knees touched, I felt her press back against me. I undid the zip on my trousers which she saw as she moved her hand to my crotch and her fingers soon found my cock and pulled it free from my underpants. Within second I was fully erect as she slowly began to massage me, rubbing her thumb around the rim of my bellend

I put my left hand onto her thigh and moved it down to her knickers, I pressed my fingers over her cunt and the man sitting alongside her leant forward and nodded to me that it was OK. I slid my fingers under the elastic of the knickers and discovered she was fully shaved. My middle finger stroked and rubbed her clit then I moved lower and slid it into her warm cunt. Several men were now gathered around in front of us. One got on his knees between her legs and hooked his thumbs around the sides of her knickers and tried to pull them down. She lifted off the seat slightly to make it easier for him. He handed them to her and she draped them over the seat armrest between us. I now had two fingers deep into her very wet cunt and then I felt the tongue of the man kneeling between her thighs probing into her as well. He even tried to suck my fingers into his mouth.

She was still stroking my cock with her hand, she rested her head on my shoulder and I heard her ask if she could suck my cock. I stood up and with one knee on the seat I pushed my cock between her lips and she pulled me deeper into her mouth. I pulled her bra up so that I could feel her small tits with their small hard nipples. She was now moaning loudly and when I looked down I could see that the man between her thighs has his mouth pressed hard against her cunt.

Her tongue was working wonders on my cock as I slowly fucked her mouth. She suddenly moved her head away and looked up at me. She asked if I had a durex, I shook my head and she said something to her partner who then handed one to me. I tore open the foil and rolled it onto my prick as the man using his tongue on her was asked to move away, he did so reluctantly. She held her legs up with her arms under her knees, I stood between her legs and pushed myself into her as I also rubbed her clit with my thumb. She pressed her cunt hard against me as I fucked her deeply. Several other hands were playing with her tits and a man in the row behind was pressing his cock against her neck and cheek.

She closed her eyes and her breathing became deeper, I could feel her cunt tightening on me as she shuddered and gave several jerks as she came. I stopped thrusting into her and waited for her orgasm to subside. She smiled at me then asked me to cum on her face, I pulled the durex off and started to masturbate, she slid down in the seat until she could lick the end of my cock. I warned her that I was about to cum but she did not flinch as I started to spurt my spunk onto her lips and cheek. Her tongue licked some of the spunk off her lips. She took my hand and squeezed it and mouthed, thank you.

I moved away and another man tried to take my place but her partner told him to fuck off and wait until he was invited. She lay there with one hand squeezing one of her tits and the other was busy pushing fingers into her cunt.

I do not know if anyone else fucked her as I now decided it was time for me to leave but if she reads this I would like to thank her for one of the most erotic events of my life.