Written by Forbsi

14 Mar 2017

It was a bright sunny day when I set out to buy some bookshelves. Nothing more on my mind than where to go to get some and I finished up the big D I Y sheds.

On arrival at Home Base, I made my way to the shelving area and started to look at the available bookshelves. I didn't notice the lady in tight, fitting leather trousers also perusing the selection. I decided on my choice and then she said to me "I cannot make up my mind, perhaps you can help me". She was looking straight at me in the eye. We spoke about bookshelves but I did say that I was going to the other shed B & Q before deciding. She smiled and said thank you. I then went on my way with no the thought in my mind.

At B & Q i made up my mind and bought my bookshelves. I loaded the packages and then started to drive away. Lo and behold in a smart green sports car with the top down was the lady in red leather trousers also putting her bookshelf units into her car. I watched her struggle and the tight trousers over her superb arse kept me mesmerised. I stopped and said "So which one did you buy"

"Oh it was the one we talked about. It's so big it will only just go into my car" she said almost laughing and with as naughty glint in her eyes. Taking the moment, I got out and helped her put it in.

"Now all I have to do is build it" she quipped. "Hopefully it's easy because I am useless at this sort of thing". By now I started to appreciate the lady before me. Although probably late 50 or early 60 she was superbly preserved. I felt a hardening below.

"Usually they are simple. If you want some help then perhaps I can help" I offered. "Presumably you have some tools to use".

"I have a screwdriver and not much else. If you can do it, that would be lovely. Just follow me" she said and with that we drove away in convoy. There was no need to persuade me!

She was very attractive probably 55-60 I reckoned. But she was in fine trim. Mind you she was dressed to catch as well. My thoughts were then confirmed by the increasing rise of the old man. Whoever would have thought the day could turn up like this from a D I Y shop!! Those red leather trousers must have been sprayed on because they were so tight. I had only briefly seen her arse but it looked in fine fettle and no panty line eityher. When she faced me mu eyes dropped down to crutch level. With it being sculptured there was not any room for a pubic hair. The top half was good as well. Nice handful sized fun bags which seemed to enjoy the fine day. In fact the tight T shirt showed them off to perfection. Overall the package was magnetic and and made the impending building of the bookcase looking like great fun. We drove to the outskirts of Newton Abbot and turned into detached house which stood back off the road. I drove up behind her and then sat and watched her get out of her car. MMMMMMMMMMM I thought. Hopefully, my lucks in today. The old man was chattering like mad.

Swinging her hips she came towards me. "This is where the action is" she said with a beguiling smile. "Let’s unload it then" I said with a relish. We went to her car, collected the boxes and made our way to the front door. From behind I had a marvellous view of her swinging, tight mobile arse. Quite how she got into those trousers was a mystery, but a very nice one to ponder. My mind was now becoming a blur of naughty thoughts.

We went into the lounge and she said "this is where I want it". So do I went my mind. "How about a coffee before you start screwing things together" Innuendo seemed to come out with everything she said.

I followed her into the kitchen and watched as she went about making the coffee. Her reaching into cupboards only served to stretch the imagination further. Stretching tightened her T-shirt. Bending made her tight bum even better. It was happening before my ogling eyes. "Lets go onto the patio" and with that she made her way outside. Sitting in the sun, drinking coffee with this attractive woman was just bliss.

"By the way my name is Zoe...now what is yours. We ought to know each other!!!" We chatted for a time and then I said "well I should get to do some screwing" It seemed that innuendo as the theme for the day.

"Of course" she said. I will get what tools I have." I went into the lounge and started to undo the boxes and get everything ready.

"There we are " she said . "I've only got these so hopefully they will do. Everything OK?. I am going to get some sun on the patio so if you need anything then just come and ask". With that, she went upstairs, presumably to change. I got stuck in to erecting the book shelves. A few minutes later I saw her come downstairs with a new top and what looked like a bikini bottom. It was difficult to concentrate. Her tanned and trim body set off the yellow bikini bottom. In fact, it looked more like a g string, but never mind, the view was captivating. Still swinging her hips, she made her way to the patio.

It took quite a few minutes for my mind to come back to reality. You know what curiosity is. Mine was overflowing to see what she was up to on the patio. I crept out to the kitchen and took a peek. She was lying on her back, topless on a large mattress type towel. The tiny wispy triangle of sheer fabric attempted to cover her pussy. Her arms were outstretched. Her legs were also parted. She seemed to be saying 'her I am'. She seemed totally oblivious, it would seem, to any prying eyes. I took my old man back to my work in the lounge!!!!

I was at least half way through when Zoe cam into the room, still topless. "How's it going? I fancy a cold drink and thought you might like one as well."

My eyes gave it away. "Come on, you've seen tits before. Anyway its hot out there. Now what do you want to drink?"

With a cold beer in my hand I followed my topless beauty out to the patio. Sitting partially upright with a simple backrest she stretched her legs and body out to catch the sun. Her tits were very firm and enjoyed the freedom and warmth. I enjoyed the view, of the long legs and the minimal covering to her pussy. It would not have covered my hand. My mind went very racy!! The Old man was throbbing.

"Why don't you strip off as well in this heat?"

"Well if you don't mind, its jolly hot, even in the lounge." I took off my shirt and trousers. The old man was hammering with excitement to get free.

"That's better, but you will end up with a white bit." and I could see she was eyeing up my body behind her dark glasses. I just went for it and stripped my pants off as well. The old man breathed a sigh of relief and stood to attention.

"It looks as though you like what you can se." I could almost feel her eyes piercing the view of my body and roaming over my cock. We talked for sometime and I learnt a bit more about her. She was widowed, had no partner and lacked male company. Goodness knows why with that body and looks.

I enquired carefully "what do you miss by being widowed?" "Life with Roger, my husband, was always exciting and busy. I suppose the thing I miss mostly is the rogering that Roger gave me every day. We had sex and fucked at least 3 times a day. Now, sex is spasmodic"

"Anyway, enough about me, how come you are not working today" she asked. "mind you I am pleased you are here".

"I do not work on Friday and Monday so I have a long weekend," I explained. It was now mid morning. She could clearly see my hard cock. In fact, it was beginning to throb, but she said nothing although it was clear that she was studying it all time. Gradually I just let it openly throb and jerk. After all she had brazenly come into the room with her tits on display. and her bikini bottom showed all her arse. What she said as well spelt out to me that she was probably up for some action.

She took away her back support, laid out full length and slightly opened her legs. I could now see that it was not a bikini but a thong she had on. Talk about a snug fitting - it showed exactly was underneath. It also looked as though she was fully shaved. The dark area was missing, but through the material I could discern that nothing else came between her pussy and the fabric. Hopefully I might be invited there soon.

"With all this sun I do not want any marks so this have to come off" Zoe explained. With that she proceeded to pull her thong off. "Ahhhhh. the sun its so warm and welcoming". I was right she was completely shaved. As she laid back down she opened her legs languidly and her pussy was in full display.

"I'm sure you've seen a naked woman before. So how do I match up?" she asked as she brought her sunglasses down so that she could look at me in the eye. "It seems you like what you see. Your cock seems to be fancy my pussy."

She had a lascivious look directed at my cock. "Its nice and hard I see" she said. "Come and lay be my side then you can get some sun as well"

I joined her on the towel mattress and immediately her well-manicured hand took hold of my member. Her fingers ribbed over the tip. She was stroking the Old boy whilst looking into my eyes. My hands could not keep themselves off her tits. I squeezed her nipples and her reaction told me there was no doubt Zoe wanted to fuck. I leaned over her and kissed her, feeling her tongue exploring my mouth. Tongues entwined and went to work. Within a couple of minutes she went down and explored my rampant cock with her mouth. It was just magic. My fingers then went to her clit and I slipped a couple into her pussy as she opened her legs to make it easier for me. My thumb was working a well-pronounced clit. Zoe was moaning with delight. "Oh yes keep going on that. I just love it." She started twitching as I continued to finger her. Her grip on my cock increased. The tip had become very receptive to her tongue. If she kept this up I would come in moments so I had to calm her down.

She could suck cock better than a Dyson. Deep throating me made me worried that I would come too quickly. Then she took it out of her mouth, looked at me in the eye and said "come on, use that hard cock to fuck me". I rolled over and spread her legs. I could feel they were very tight and firm. With her giving maximum access because her legs were spread almost in a split, my fingers, went in up to the hilt. She was already soaking. "Give me some cock" she moaned. It was easy to slide my very stiff cock into her soaking wet pussy. As I entered her, she raised her legs and moaned "yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss" with satisfaction. I continued and drove my cock right up into her. Her arms were pulling me onto her strongly. "Fuck me hard with that rampant beast" she said. "My cunt needs a good hard seeing to with a mighty cock." She was hot, wet and very horny. "Come on pound it. Fuck me senseless"

My hands were squeezing her firm tits and pulling her nipples. They were growing with every pull. They were becoming very hard and needed some serious sucking. But my hands just kept squeezing them harder. With both hands filled with gorgeous tits, my cock buried in her hot cunt I was in my glory.

It took just moments for me to start pounding into her very wet cunt. Our lips met and then our tongues were fucking each other in the mouth as well. Could this be a double penetration? Her moans and talk made me harder and fucking her faster. However, I needed to take it easier or I would blow my load. I did not want this to end...yet. The sensation was too much and the mind too weak. With as great "Aaaagggghhh" I filled her cunt with jizz. "That's the spirit. I hope there’s a lot more where that came from" Zoe exclaimed.

I rolled off her and then went for the sixty-nine. Her mouth immediately gobbled up my cum soaked cock. My mouth was enjoying a wet and dripping pussy. My tongue was darting over her clit and the orgasm made her tremble. "Aaaaaaagh" she moaned aloud. "Again" she cried. I then ran my tongue up and down her slit as she came again and again. Her Dyson was working magic on my cock. I then had hold of her beautiful arse and slowly let my finger play with hole. She pushed her pussy harder against my lips while her hand pushed my fingers into her arse. As I started to work them in, suggesting that more than a single finger was better, she parted her legs and more juice escaped from her pussy with the tremble of the orgasm. She was moaning and clearly oblivious of my actions. She was in another world. Mind you so was I. My cock was harder again and rather fancied going to work on her again. It was time to decide whether to take her pussy or try her arse. But the decision came from her as she rolled over and raised her arse. "Fuck it" came the instruction. "Its been a while since my arse was given a seeing too as well. “ Slowly I presented my cock to her tunnel and penetrated her again.

In no time, the Old Man was up to the hilt. Underneath me came continuous moans. She was tighter here than her pussy and the pounding action soon had results. My throbbing stalk unloaded again. I had never had such large ejaculations and so quickly. This was absolute bliss.

“There now. You've fucked me and I am filled both ways with your cum. Next time I want my mouth filled," she suggested as she leant over and took my lips into her mouth. Her hand was on my cock again. I had never experienced such a beautiful horny and wanton woman as this before. I prayed that it would never end. She got up and stood over me with her legs splayed either side of me, and I just looked at her pussy. "Time for a drink"

But instead she lowered herself on to my stiff cock. Facing me she started to fuck me and the old man lapped it up. My hands were all over her tits, pulling her nipples. "That's lovely. Roger used to really pull them and it made me so randy. Keep it going Mike" She rode me like a possessed animal. In the sun I was in heaven.

Suddenly another voice came across the patio. "Zoe you cumslut. Being a greedy girl again". "Why not Jane she replied without looking away from my eyes. "Let me introduce Jane to you who might also want this cock. She lives next door and George her husband fucks me. He does me regularly to keep me in training. How about it Jane, want a great porking in the sun?"

"Now that’s a nice thought. Cumsluts together. Do you fancy that Mike"

But that's another story......................................

And by the way I have protected the ladies dignity by altering her name.