Written by lucky sod

16 May 2007

I was staying at a farmhouse b&b for 3 nights last month.the lady of the house was about 45,slim, blond and seemed very flirty and it was all i could do to keep my erection under control. After one or 2 flirty conversastions and admiring her free swinging breasts under her thin blouse over the breakfast table I managed to make a remark about her breasts to which she replied that i might be in for a surprise that evening.Well the day draged on and on until i finaly arrived back at the farmhouse.When i entered i could n't hear or see anybody so slowly made my way to my room.At about 8pm i heard someone walking about on the landing and so i opened my door to look who was there.yes it was her and being very bold i asked about my surprise.

She told me to wait.Another half hour passed when there was a knock on my door and there she was in a see through

dressing gown with black undies and stockings on.my prick shot to attention,

she then asked if i liked what i saw and if i wanted to see more then her husband would also be joining us.

sure i said and with that they both came into my room.She then slowly began removing her cloths.When her bra came off i nearly shot my load there and then.her breasts were beautiful and i soon had them in my mouth.she then slowly eased her knickers down to reviel a well trimmed pussy.she then turned around and exposed her ass for me.i reached out and spread her cheeks,what a sight.meanwhile her husband had undressed and his erection was plain to see.After lots of oral and shagging her husband and I both unloaded into her mouth.She then seemed to gargle with all the cum before swollowing it all.It was one of the best nights of my life.

has anyone else experienced a willing landlady?