Written by JB

11 Jun 2015

This may be a little tame for many on here but I wanted to share my experience while it is still fresh in my mind.

My wife and I have just returned from a memorable weeks holiday in Lanzarote.We are Chis & Jen a late 50's couple from Lymm in Cheshire.

J my wife has over the last few years has lost interest in sex, I'm not saying we don't have any but it's definitely not like our younger days. Many years ago we did swing with another couple but that seems such a distance memory.

I have tried to suggest different ideas to try and give her a boost but generally to no avail.

My problem if you can call it that is that I'm particularly well endowed which although was never a problem for my wife in her younger days, does now cause her some discomfort as she is not as wet n lubricated during sex due to the menopause.

So I was hoping that a weeks holiday in the sun may just mean that I get a bit more sex than when back home.

We booked into our apartment overlooking the sea and decided to have a walk around the resort to familiarize ourselves with where everything was.

When we came back to our apartment we noticed 2 ladies on the balcony in the adjoining apartment.

We thought that maybe there partners were inside or gone of to explore.

The first night was very quiet so we had an early night. Our bedroom was warm so we slept with our windows open.

In bed we could hear giggling and talking from the room next door.

The weather was so so but we went down to the beach which was just I front of the apartment. Later on we noticed the 2 ladies from next door, they were younger than us maybe late 40's, we didn't see any menfolk so presumed they were on their own.

Both were blondes, my wife commented that they looked nice and were constantly chatting and laughing.

My wife & I went out for a meal at night and on returning home we noticed the lights were on next door.

We had a brandy then went to bed. As we were getting undressed we could hear the next door neighbors in their bedroom.

I turned our light off and we lay on our bed just listening to the night.

As were lying there we could hear the sound of what was obviously someone enjoying themselves.

I said to J can you hear that? Do you think it's next door or the apartment below us?

We got up & went to our window and could clearly hear the sounds coming from next door.

We could hear the distinct buzzing sound of a vibrator and sounds of pleasure just a few feet away from our window.

It was a real turn on listening to these ladies enjoying themselves.

My cock started to stiffen and J slowly wanked me as I started to rub her shave pussy.

She was obviously as turned on as me as fingered her now wet pussy.

I got J lean against the window as I entered her from behind, slowly working my big thick cock into her as we listened to the murmurings and sighs coming from next door.

J was getting really wet so started to push hard against my slow thrusts. She eventually let out a whimper as she came.

I kept going imagining that I was fucking the blondes next door.

The next day I said to J that she seemed to enjoy hearing them. She said it was a real turn on for her as she imagined being seduced by the 2 ladies.

So most days we would see our 2 blonde ladies on the beach and at night we would listen to them making love while my wife and I imagined J being pleasured by them as I gave them a hard fucking with my big cock.

On the plus side J and I had some fantastic sex, it's just a pity we didn't get to know the ladies better.