Written by Emma

9 Nov 2016

Last day in Maspalomas and there is a strong wind shot blasting everybody on the beach with sand. We were aiming for the more secluded areas, and more shelter from the wind but got ourselves off course and wandered into the gay area.

Dave was telling me how, when the guys stand up wanking or displaying their hard cocks, it means that they are inviting others to come and fuck or suck them. I was enjoying ogling them, and I do like to watch guys getting each other off. We saw a few really toned and suntanned fellas with lovely cocks....and then there was this one on his hands and knees with his ass balls and cock displayed,

Dave was just saying that he wasn't sure that it was an offer, but he guessed it must be, when this other man came and asked Dave if he was German. No English we said, Oh.. well ..he is open for you he says to Dave.... he is ready and open for you! Poor Dave, he only just had a bit of a suck the other day.... he isn't really that far on yet!

So we weaved off across the dunes to a different bit. No sooner had we put out our towels and whipped off our togs, than men arrived to stand next to me, slowly wanking their cocks. Again I felt a hand on my leg, and as I laid on my back naked with my legs slightly spread, I felt more hands. On my boobs, sliding up my thigh, even one touching my hair - which I was a bit surprised by, I looked up to see a fella had come a knelt by my head. I hadn't even noticed him there. I was mere inches from his hard cock, it was about 8 inches long and quite wide..... I licked my lips and looked him in the eye. And then I took his balls in my hand and pulled him into my mouth.

There were mouths on both of my tits, and fingers sliding into my pussy. Dave had his camera out and was keeping a good eye on events. I was engrossed in sucking the lovely cock and was trusting Dave to be on condom watch. My legs were moved, spread and I felt a nice big cock sliding into me. Then I was being fucked...good and hard. My cock filled mouth pushed up and down with each pounding thrust and suddenly he came all over my face, another lad spunked on my tits, and the big cock thrusting in and out of my tight pussy exploded.

As they pulled out, said their thankyous and went happily on their way, the next group moved in. Another big big cock with a wide girth and big head popped into my mouth, and A hot mouth found my clit, with three fingers pleasuring me and bringing me to a screaming orgasm., before spurting his cum all over my stomach. The lad I was sucking pulled out and spunked all over my tits, and was instantly replaced by another cock needing a good sucking!

Finally, a younger chap, with a great body and a big beard and lovely long wide cock gave me a really good hard and fast shag.... spreading my pussy to its limit... that was amazing and my orgasm left me feeling spent.

Although we hadn't been out there for long, we certainly enjoyed ourselves today. We came back to our hotel, and fucked while we watched the camera videos Dave had taken!

When we get home - I will try to upload some onto my profile "shesarebel" .

Best Holiday Ever!