Written by Sue

19 May 2011

There seemed to be an extra urgency to the phones ringing tone. Picking up the receiver I tentively said, “Hello?”

“Oh thank god you are at home,” it was one of my best friends, Jan. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “Ian has gone and broken his leg at the football, and we are booked up for our holiday to the Turkey. We are supposed to leave tomorrow, but now he cannot go and I was wondering if you could come with me, in his place. I know its short notice, but you are the only one that I would feel comfortable with.”

“I’ll phone Bill and see how he feels about me suddenly disappearing on holiday, especially to Turkey”. I had never been that far away on holiday, and certainly not without him.

To my surprise, Bill told me he had been putting off telling me that he had to work the weekend and every evening for the next couple of weeks. Some major contract had been secured by his company and as he was the chief engineer, he would have to oversee the project, so with me away he wouldn’t feel so bad at having to leave me on my own in the evenings and weekend.

The night was spent hurriedly ironing and packing my suitcase. I packed some sexy tops that I had bought from a girlies party along with thongs, a bikini and strapless shoes.

My heart was beating nervously when there was a sudden knock on my front door. When I opened it, there was a taxi driver standing there. “Your cab to the airport,” he politely said. “Be right there,” I replied. He carried my suitcase out to the cab, and held the back door open for me.

A scream of delight came from within the cab as Jan saw me. “Hurry, get in,” she shouted.

Six hours later we had landed in Turkey, another two hours drive and we arrived at our hotel.

The next few days were spent lying in the sun either at the hotel or on the beach. It was really lovely just relaxing and having a good time. I was missing Bill though as I thought here I am on holiday and he was hard at work – it didn’t seem fair.

After a few days and shortly after breakfast, Jan and I headed into town to do some shopping. It was four o’clock when we arrived back at the hotel, laden with our purchases and in need of a shower and some refreshment.

Jan stripped and headed for a shower while I laid out the clothes I would wear for the evening. A sudden knock on our room door startled me. Opening the door, I came face to face with one of the waiters who had served us breakfast. “Your mobile?” he asked. “No, it’s not mine, perhaps it’s Jan’s,” I replied, “Why don’t you come in and I’ll ask Jan.”

Just then, Jan came naked and dripping wet into the living room. “Oh, company,” she said, not even trying to cover herself up and not in the least bit embarrassed. “Is this your mobile?” I asked her. “Yes it is, and thanks for bringing it to the room,” she replied, then turning in my direction, gave me a wink.

“Get the lad a beer,” she said to me, “Sit down, you will have a beer?” “Sure,” replied the lad, looking a bit uncomfortable. Jan sat down beside him, still totally naked, “Get me a large vodka and coke while you are there and get yourself the same.” I came back with the drinks and after a quick sip of my vodka, asked them to excuse me while I went and showered and feeling a bit surprised by Jans behaviour.

Wrapped in my towel, I had expected the lad to have gone. How wrong I was, Jan was giving him a blowjob. I could not believe what I was seeing and gave a little cough, to let them know I was there. Jan looked up briefly and said, “Would you mind getting me another vodka and a beer for Ali.

I was still in a daze as I poured out the vodka and opened a bottle of beer for Ali, but now another sensation was enveloping my body. My pussy was beginning to twitch and I could feel myself becoming wet. The vibes were getting stronger by the minute and it was taking all my will power not to frig myself. Was it seeing Jan naked or was it this rather handsome waiter?

I returned with the drinks and found Jan, now sitting astride Ali’s thighs with his cock well and truly inside her. Ail was squeezing and sucking Jan's ample 34dd tits. I put down Jan’s vodka, then moving over to the opposite side, bent over and put down Ali’s beer. As I stood up, my towel decided to fall from my naked body. I went to grab it to cover myself up, but Jan shouted, “Leave it, come and join us.”

My head was saying, no, but my pussy was saying, yes, go on. My pussy won, as I went over to stand beside Jan and Ali. “I’d forgotten how nice a figure you have,” said Jan, stroking my thighs and letting her hand brush against my damp pussy. It was like an electric shock going through my body. Ali nodded in approval.

My 36D tits, still stand erect and my nipples had become hard as rocks and had taken on that rosy glow they get when I’m aroused. Ali reached up and placed his hand between my legs, pressing his fingers into my soaking pussy. Slowly, he moved his hand forward and back, increasing the wetness already flowing down my thighs.

Ali said, “Will you take me in your mouth?” as he pulled out of Jan. I sank to my knees in front of him. His penis was thick and already hard and glistening with Jan’s juices. I began to lick its tip gently with the end of my tongue, tasting his pre cum and Jan’s juices. I felt his hands on my breasts, gently stroking my nipples.

I took the head of his penis into my mouth and began to lick and suck his erection. I could hear the sounds of pleasure coming from him as I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth. I was now deep throating him, deeper than I had ever done with my own husband. It was one of my fantasies of having sex with a stranger becoming true to life.

I could feel Ali’s cock pressing against the back of my throat, I had a good six inches in my mouth and there was still a bit left. I relaxed my throat muscles and pulled his cock deeper into me. I heard Ali gasp; I had never had a cock as deep into me as this before.

Ali was moaning and groaning as I deep throated him.

Ali pulled my head harder onto his erection as he started to cum. At first I could feel his cock swelling then I could feel his hot cum shooting down my throat. Cum was dribbling out of the corners of my mouth as I tried to swallow his load. Ali continued to fuck my mouth as I sucked and milked him dry.

Ali lay back, his limp cock dangling between his hairy legs. Ali thought it was over, but I had other ideas. My pussy was crying out for cock. I reached down and began to rub his flaccid member while at the same time running my tongue around his helmet. Ali’s cock responded to my touch and I climbed on top of him, placing my pussy right in front of his mouth. Ali began licking my pussy, tasting my juices intermingled with his cum. I could see that he was becoming more and more aroused as he began to lick me with a deep intensity. Ali drove his tongue into my soaking pussy while his upper lip was massaging my swollen clitoris. I began to climax and my orgasm shuddered through me as my juices splattered all over his face.

I could feel Ali’s erection twitching against my legs. I lay back on the settee and opened my legs wide. “Come and shag me with that beautiful cock,” I shouted at Ali. Ali came over, his cock standing to attention like some massive flag pole. He seemed even bigger than before and I had doubts about taken his erection into my pussy. I let out a gasp as Ali plunged his cock into my pussy. No niceties, just plunged right in. Thank god I was still soaking wet. Ali squeezed my tits and pinched my erect nipples as he plunged in and out of me. I screamed as another orgasm shuddered through me. Ali began to speed up and was pounding in to me so hard, suddenly tensed as his second load of cum splashed and splattered up inside of me. I sucked Ali dry and lay back exhausted.

Jan whispered quietly, “wow, you must have needed that. “Yes,” I replied, “Bills been busy and we haven’t had sex for months.”

Ali said that he would have to get back to work and to make sure we didn’t let on about our sex session as he would be in big trouble and lose his job.

As the door closed behind Ali, Jan came over to me and kissed me. I was taken by surprise as Jan had never done anything like that to me before. Oh, a kiss on the cheek, but not full on the mouth. Jan kept her mouth over mine and began to caress my breasts. I was about to push Jan away from me but then my pussy started to throb and a new sensation began to sweep through my body. Jan slid her hand down between my legs and onto my damp pussy. She pushed two fingers into me and began to frig me. Jan’s tongue was now pushing its way into my mouth. I responded by sucking her tongue and then pushing my own tongue into her mouth. Jan had inserted another two fingers into my very wet hole and was frigging me like crazy and pulling my nipples really hard.

I cupped Jan’s breast in my hand and rolled her erect nipple between my fingers. I had never done anything like this before and was amazed at how good it felt. I reached down with my other hand and slipped a couple of fingers into Jan’s wet pussy. Jan responded by pushing herself hard against my hand.

Jan was now trying to push her whole hand into my very wet hole. I lay back and opened my legs wide. Jan frigged me hard until my juices were running down her fingers, and then pushed hard into my hole. I responded by relaxing my pussy lips and pushed against her fingers. Jan’s hand slid into my pussy and my orgasm was the most intense that I’d ever had.

We changed positions and into a sixty nine. I’d never tasted another woman, but I was so aroused that I was game for anything. Jan began to lick around my pussy lips with me following her like tutor and pupil. Jan nibbled on my clit then began to fuck me with her tongue.

My head was swimming when suddenly Jan orgasmed, nearly drowning me with her juices. I lapped up her juices while Jan kept up her sucking on my clit. Seconds later I orgasmed over Jan’s face. Jan squeezed my breast and sucked on my nipple. “We must do this again,” said Jan. I nodded in agreement. What was coming over me? We still had another seven nights together.