14 Mar 2019

Well if you read our first story about our holiday in Cyprus you will remember how the wife had taken a fancy to George the sun bed man.

I had given the wife the go ahead to get friendly with George, well actually i had said id like to see him fuck you, and she was excited by this, me too.

A couple of days went by and we had seen George same old routine he collected the 8 euros gave the wife a smile and her a smile back, on one of the days I struck up a bit of a conversation with him, he spoke pretty good English a lot better than my Turkish.

He was here for the holiday season was 42 years old an separated from his wife ( yeah whatever), he rented a flat in Cyprus whilst he was working here, seemed like a nice guy, he was typical Turkish looking, Dark hair dark skin, about 5 foot 8,9 and very muscular and hairy.Looked like he could handle himself , he was very polite and I liked him, not as much as the wife tho.

That night when we had our meal we chatted about George me saying how id like to see her on her knees sucking his cock and be able to watch him fuck her. She was a bit sheepish but was nodding approvingly as i said what id like to happen.

As the night went on we had a few more drinks and I said well are you going to make it happen then? she said are you sure, Me bloody hell how much more encouragement do you want I said.

We had great sex that night and she was a horny as hell, I knew she was up for it and left it to her to make it happen.

The next morning i said im going around the bay to the place I went snorkeling the other day, I might be later than normal probably be about 2 ish, you OK here on your own? oh yes I will be fine she said.

So off I went, kissed her on the lips said I love you and enjoy your day you deserve it, patted her arse and off I went.

I went to the usual spot but didn't go snorkeling I just sat around on the rocks had a couple of drinks in a little bar, I couldn't get the image of her kneeling in front of George sucking his cock, Im imagining, or hoping shes sucking his cock , him his hands on the back of her head pulling her onto his engorged cock.

It got to 1 ish so decided to head back, its about half an hours walk so took my time hoping she wasn't on the sunbed, as i got closer to our sunbeds my heart was pumping like mad, will she be there or will she be getting a good seeing to by George?

Yes I said to myself no sign of her, maybe shes at the Cafe with hIm , so I walked that way its on the way to our hotel, No sign of them, surely this can only mean 1 thing?

I made my way to the hotel, we had a delux room ? basically had a separate living room bedroom and balcony, the door opens into a small corridor off which was the bathroom, bedroom and the living room onto the balcony.

I went into the lobby and and asked for the key, the girl behind the desk said your wife took the key card, oh ok I said could I use the spare card she maybe asleep I dint want to wake her.

she gave me the spare key and off i went, the hotel was a small and friendly only a couple of floors so no lift, I got to the room and was in 2 minds what to do, do I go in or knock on the door first, what the hell I thought and put the card in the door, I opened the door as quietly as I could.

No need to as the noise I could hear drowned out the creaking of the door, Of Fuck yeah was the first words, fuck oh fuck please yes please, I stopped in the passage and listend to my wife , moaning and groaning , swearing like a right slut as who I presumed was George was giving her a right fucking, I stopped where I was for a while no longer than a couple of minutes then decided to make some noise.My cock was aching I had a painful hard on that was telling me to go join them.

They were in the living room, I opened the bathroom door and pulled it shut making a noise, they must of heard me as I heard George say oh shit no , then the wife say fuck no.

I made my way quickly to the room they were both naked her on the sofa and George trying to pull his shorts on, I said whoa George its ok, honest its fine, he kept on apologizing, no no its fine I said and he seemed to relax a bit.

The wife pipes up Im sorry, no no its ok Im glad your enjoying yourself , you too George, he looked at me and smiled.

His shorts were around his ankles his cock semi hard and wet from my wifes pussy, she started to giggle and said well you wanted it to happen, that broke the ice and I said don,t let me stop you enjoying yourselves.

George too had a nervous laugh and I said your a lucky man, he replied I know and you sure this is ok? yes go on carry on I will watch if you ok , he nodded his head, at that the wife greedily grabbed his cock and started sucking on it like a bloody porn star.

I sat opposite them and watched, I have never been so horny in all my life , she was been a proper dirty bitch greedily sucking his cock I was in heaven.

Now Iv always wanted to get the chance to share a guys cock with the wife, just orally but didn't want to put George off so sat back and watched them fucking, sucking kissing, I was waiting for the opportunity to join.

Seeing his cock slide in and out of her pussy was the horniest thing i d seen but I wanted to join in.

Final installment to follow.