3 Mar 2019

Were in our late 50,s but still have an active sex life in fact we are probably more adventurous now than we have ever been, life,s too short and all that.

We had a very busy year last year and didn't book our usual 2 weeks in the sun till the last minute, we love to go to the Greek Islands but were struggling to find anything we fancied,We ended up going to Cyprus a lovely place called Fig tree bay, not too busy some great bars and a fantastic beach.

We don,t spend our time around the pool and prefer to go to the beach, find a quite spot if possible as the wife likes to go topless.We were on holiday for 2 weeks so had lots of time to be together and have some good old fashioned loving and fun.We both keep ourselves in good shape and the wife is very slim 5 foot 8 and has a great figure, her boobs are not very big but are still a lovely shape I love to see Guys and girls admiring her as she lays on the sunbed her boobs exposed and her nipples getting darker by the day in the sun.

Been on holiday in the sun makes us both horny, I seem to have a semi on most of the time and we have more sex than we would at home.We do the normal stuff go to bars get pissed, fuck like a couple of teenagers when we get back to the room, I have encouraged her to have the odd hook up with a guy if she gets the Chance as long as Im either there on I get to know the full story when she returns home.

She likes the macho Guys maybe a bit rough looking but bit of a lad that type, she loves it when she gets chatted up , I love it too as long as they dont take the piss or any liberties were fine with it.I get off on knowing Guys are hitting on her and get off even more when she been fucked by one of them and get to see it or enjoy the after,s.

Anyway more about the holiday, we seemed to end up in pretty much the same area of the beach every day just away from the main crowds but still close to the sea I get bored after a couple of hours so tend to snorkel or go for a wonder for a few hours, she likes to sunbathe and read her book.

The sunbed man would come and collect the 8 Euros each day for the sun beds and brolly and its the wife who pays him, the times vary sometime its early on or maybe a bit closer to lunch time, depends on how busy it is. Im not always there as Ive gone for a wonder or Snorkeling.

It must have been the 4th or 5th day of the holidays and I,d been down the other end of the beach for a walk as Im coming back I see the sunbed man sat on my sunbed talking to the wife,they never say me so hung back a bit an sat on the wall and watched them, they were chatting and both seemed to be giggling like kids all looked ok to me. I liked watching them it was safe and I had no problems with it at all in fact I had a tingle in my cock that was hoping that this was going somewhere.After a few more minutes the guy got up touched her arm and gestured he had to leave and off he went, I carried on to the sunbed and she had laid back down so she hadn't seen me approaching.Hi I said you ok, yes fine just enjoying he sun, oh that,s good Im glad your enjoying yourself you deserve it after the year wev,e had, yeah she said I think I do.

I never let on I had seen them chatting but that night when we were in bed I couldn't stop thinking about that guy and imagining him fucking her, we made love and I came quickly thinking about his tanned body his big strong arms and her sucking his cock.

Nothing happens for a few days he collected the money early on the morning of these few days and I was still on the bed he said Hello in in best English to us both and we both said thanks back to him, nothing more.Well on the day after I had arranged to meet up with a guy who I had spoken to at the hotel to go snorkeling together this was around the bay from where we were staying so set off early, he was with his family who were around the pool and my wife was happy to sunbathe on the beach, happy days off we went.

I didn't get back till after 1.00pm and she wasn't at the sunbed, her towel and beach bag was there but no sign off her, I just thought she maybe gone to the cafe up the beach for a coffee so set off to see if she was there, sure enough she was but not alone she was with sunbed man hey were drinking a coffee and smoking , now she dose not normally smoke but will have the odd one on holiday me too especially when were both horny, so Im guessing she was horny? Im in 2 minds do I interrupt them or leave them alone, I decided to leave them alone and go to the room, 2 reasons for this, 1 I was sweating like hell and needed to drop off my snorkeling gear and 2 I need a wank, I was as horny as hell my mind was in overdrive imagining them 2 together him fucking her and her sucking his cock.I had a wank and showered and made my way back to the beach she was on the sunbed asleep.

That night we had a lovely meal out and we chatted as you do and I said are you enjoying this holiday, she replied oh yes thanks its so lovely here and very relaxing its great, you? she replied, me oh yeah same here its great.

We were both horny as hell her more than normal, fine by me she can be a dirty bitch when horny, we had great sex and she said I could just go a cigarette, I said you had 1 today, she looked shocked I said its fine I saw you with the Sunbed man, of fuck she said, no, no its fine, nothing happened she said, Im ok honestly you looked like you were getting on well together, she said hes called George, oh first name terms I joked, she looked flustered and I told her again its fine honestly it is.

I admitted to her that id seen them and come to the room for a wank thinking about the 2 of them together honestly she said, yes its true id love to see him fuck you, really she said yes it would make my holiday, she replied quickly mine too.

We chatted some more and both fell asleep both too drunk to stay awake.In the morning she said did we really have that conversation last night, yes I said and I meant it.

She now had the green light to go ahead and get fucked by George, would she take up on that or decide not to?