Written by L

27 Jun 2007

Yesterday, for the first time in several months, I went to a sauna club I have frequented for years. Early on it was guys only, all moaning about the lack of couples and talking about how good the old days were. At around 5.30pm 2 couples came insuperably. The first ,I have seen many times in the club,not really my type but nice to look at as she had on only a short black skirt with no knickers.I know they like only one guy & he has to be younger & thinner than I am so I said hi, smiled and left it at that.

The other couple were something else. He was a big bald older bruiser but pleasant, smiling and quite chatty. The lady was a dream. A dark haired beauty with a black lacy teddy thing on. Her arse cheeks were on display and she looked magnificent. She wore high heels and a very wicked smile. Now, we get lots of couples in the club and many don't play at all. Others only like to play in private with other couples but some, just occasionally, are very friendly and like to entertain the troops. She was one such.

Unbeknown to me, as I had gone into the sauna for a while, the sounds coming from the big play room were not from the porn films they show. As I walked in this beautiful young lady was straddling her partners face with her cunt whilst avidly and enthusiastically sucking off a lucky young buck who was knelt on the bed offering her his rampant hard on. Another older guy was sat on the bench watching the scene so I joined him. I began to play with myself at the beautiful sight in front of me when she suddenly made eye contact and beckoned me over. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I needed no prompting. I joined the small but delectable orgy of frolicking. She was laughing and groaning all the time pushing her hot shaved pussy into her old partners mouth. Suddenly, as she held , wanked and sucked the two of us very democratically in turn she yelled, "ME coming" at which she squirted getting on for a cup full of delicious clear fluid onto her mans face, necks and chest whist laughing like a hyena! At the sight my colleague came spurting all over her her face, tits and belly. I held back, being somewhat experienced in these things, not wanting to cum too soon.

She was laid on her back shivering with every touch we gave her so I went down on her delectable wet clean cunt, licking and sucking gently at the still copious juices flowing from her. She was sweating , covered in spunk and a real sight to behold. I beckoned the older guy to have a taste & proceeded to suck her delicate toes and feet (something of a kink for me). She giggled and was having a great time. The young guy who had cum then came back in & tried to fuck her without asking and without the use of a condom. This is one of the big no no`s of the club scene,. Always get permission and always use protection. It broke the magic of the moment & the couple stopped. I cleaned the lady up with an abandoned towel and they went off for a drink.

The little bar is run by a husband and wife team who sometimes like to play. The couple talked to , and drank with, them for the next two hours. The other couple were doing nothing much so I chilled in the sauna, Jacuzzi and cooler rooms watching films but keeping an ear open for couples or the sound of laughter. After 2 hours I was in the sauna talking with a young buck when she came in with hubby and got in the bubbly hot water. I said to the stud "quick, lets join then , it may prove fun"

We asked & were invited into the hot water. She was immediately feeling naughty and went for the studs cock. I went for her toes and sucked them lustily while she sucked on the studs cock. Hubby just watched happily so I joined the stud and she began swapping with each of us expertly swallowing the cocks up to the balls before fast heading the bell ends. Boy, could she suck! I was feeling her cunt just below the water line while hubby & stud kept her tits happy. I was nearly ready and she knew it.Expertly she milked me until I came spurt after spurt into her mouth and onto her tits which she held up invitingly. The stud could take no more at that and began pumping his hot gism all over her face, hair and tits. A truly magnificent site. At this, two other guys\ who had come in to watch the spectacle tried to get in the crowded bath. I thanked the lady , and got out to make room. at that the manager came down and told everyone to stop as no sexual acts were allowed in the bath. I laughed and ran to get changed as I was a good 2 hours late for home and me tea. A great night & humble thanks to the lady & her very obliging partner. Its what I go there for but rarely happens as well or happily as that.