Written by tigernkitten

17 Mar 2011

Last night I manage to make 2 men cum.

Well that's not strictly true as one was on cam but it was what i was telling him that i hope tipped him over the edge.

I should say I really really do love women without any doubts at all.

I went for it last night after very long time, 20+ years in fact.

The feeling has not gone away, in fact its been eating away in me and now was the time I had to suck a cock.

I love women but I wanted to hold and suck a cock.

I'm fascinated by this site, the stories and now the chat and I had my 1st meeting last nite.

He was staying in a hotel and i arranged to meet him late.

we stripped off after a short and slightly awkward few minutes of introduction I said i came her lets have a shower.

He kept his boxers on and went into the shower 1st while I finished undressing.

Before I went in I stood in front of the long mirror naked, looked at myself and said do it and went in.

He was in the walk in shower with a nice straight cock pointing at me. I stepped in and we embraced our cocks meeting for the first time.

My heart was pounding as i started running my hands over his body.

We both got more passionate, his hips rolling towards me. I was breathing hard now and our hands were running over each others bodies. Be both took holding of each others cocks.. my first for 20+ yrs and a nice hand full.

It was getting hot the shower was steaming my head was spinning as I lent forward and kissed and bit his neck and ear as we rubbed fondled and touched each other pulling at our arse cheeks and working ourselves up.

Then it was time we parted a little and I looked down i knew it was time to put it in my mouth.

I crouch down biting his nipple on the way and there it was in front of me as i cradled his balls in my hand.

I took hold and looked up at him as I opened my mouth and slid it straight in.

I don't know how much I took in but i think a good half or more.. i just could not get enough. I sucked and sucked, my cheeks hollowing, running my tongue over the head and along the shaft. I tasted a little pre cum and it spurred me on.

My hands were all over his legs and arse and at one point he was thrusting, his hands on my head fucking my mouth.

After a time I fancied a change and stood up and he pushed me against the wall touching me then he turned me round and started rubbing himself over my arse and between my legs.

this went on for a short while then he led as we went into the bedroom.

He lay out and I straddled him and his cock was nudging at me but I teased him a bit and worked his cock around my bum and pushing down so he might enter me but I was not ready for that yet. I rolled over and off him and he got on all fours. I was running my hands over him and he thurst his arse in the air.

I reached round and grabbed his cock and started working it at the same time as rubbing his arse. I dribbled a bit over his hole and started woring a finger around and with a bit more spit my thumb started to work in. He was loving it and so was I.

Then I dont know what happend but next thing i knew he was kneeling up holding his cock and I realised he had come. It all took me by surprise. I lay down by his legs my head at cock hight as some more cum oosed out and I lent forward and sucked hard then gently using my teeth on the head. I could hear him sucking in air as the end of his cock became super sensitive like it does when youve cum.

The mood changed then a little and he had feeling of guilt for what we had just done.

Unfortunatly I could tell he was not going to return the favour and to be honest I was worked up but not hard now but I dont think that was his thing which was a shame as we had chatted but perhaps I should bask more direct questions.

We chatted for a while and touched a little then I got dressed and drove home.

At home I could not resist going on-line and in the chat room I found a vwe chap on cam and he wanked while I told him my story.

He was a gentleman and returned the favour telling me of his spontanious DP MFM the nite before. lucky bloke.

Any way im not gay but I do like bodies, male and female very much.