Written by steve

21 Nov 2009

After fucking E by the canal we headed off to one of the clubs I thought to dance the night away. Once we got there E said for your 30th birthday present I will do something you have always asked me to - but only this once. We went into Panama club and were soon knocking back the shorts. After about ten minutes E said are you sure you want me to have sex with another guy? I hesitantly (this was now for real not just fantasy) said yes what do you have in mind? E said just watch and all your dreams will come true this evening. With that E dissapeared into the mass of bodies dancing away leaving me at the bar. After what seem like an age but was probably only about ten minutes E came back holding hands with a good looking young blond haired guy. E introduced us and J said do you really want to watch whilst someone fucks your wife. I quickly this time said yes only if I can give instructions to what I want. J said give me a couple of minutes whilst I say bye to the lads and I'll meet you outside. On the way outside I said to E what drew you to him? E said his eyes and his smile oh yes and his mates said he had the biggest cock you will ever see.

When J came we set off walking back to the hotel and initially there was a tense atmosphere but after a couple of mins they were chatting and the sexual innuendos were flowing. As we got into the hotel lift E said what do you want us to do first? I said I want J to strip you naked at the end of the corridor and start licking you out before we get into the room - now E has never even given a slight inkling she would ever do anything like this - but before we got out of the lift she was kissing J and saying she wanted the fuck of her life as this would be the only time this would happen.

As we got out of the lift I said I will go open the door whilst you two start here. When I turned round E was already down to just her bra and thong and my cock was harder than I had ever known. They started snogging each other as J took off her bra and then slowly pulled off her thong. My god I nearly came just watching.

J then lifted E up and she wrapped her naked body around him as they walked and snogged as they walked towards me. I could also see J had slipped a finger up her arse and started to slide it in and out which brought E to her first orgasm.

When we got into the room I told E to take J's clothes off but not to touch his cock but to suck his balls as he carried on frigging her arse. I sat on the bed then told them both to stand infront of the window whilst E to start sucking on his cock.

At this point I had so much precum on the end of my knob I thougth I had cum. I handed J a condom and told him to put it on and give E the type of fuck that I never have. He carried her onto the bed put her legs over his shoulders and rammed his cock straight in E just let out a squeal and screamed fuck me you bastard, fuck me like he never has I want your cock you bastard come on fuck me, fuck me and had her first noisy orgasm.

I was wanking furiosly and as E had her first orgasm I too shot what seemed like gallons of cum all over the floor. J was certainly giving E a great fucking and I could see all her juices running from her cunt and down her legs. J the turned E over pulled her up onto all fours and rammed his cock back in making her scream with pleasure. She shouted at J to take the condom off and come up her cunt - he looked at me and I said yes take it off BUT I want you to come over my face not in E's cunt. This suprised E but she was too far gone to care. J ripped the condom off threw it at me and carried on fucking E for all he was worth. After a few more minutes he shouted I,m gonna cum so I quickly got under E between her legs and said give me it on my face. J pulled out just as he started to cum with the first gush hitting me in the face before another jet came out I slipped his cock into my mouth and took everyting else he spunked.

We lay still for a few minutes as his cock went soft in my mouth. I then told J to get up and get dressed and asked him to leave. E showed him out of the door and thanked him for the best fuck she had ever had and would probably ever have.

E came back to me asked me to hold her tightly in her arms and said happy birthday darling but that will never happen again and I don't want to talk about it again either that was to show you how much I love you and with that we dozed off - the best birthday over I could ever have had