Written by northeastcoupleuk

13 Aug 2012

i just dropped it on her go get ready got a man coming knew wat i ment.

so off to bath done her hair rolled on her stockings sexy knighty perfume ect we chilled on the bed talking bout what was gona happen she was getting moist, we went downstairs lay watching sum porn her using the ears of her rabbit against her clit she sais she dare not put it inside as she was so horny she knew she would gush , we were waiting for the text to say he was right near 20 mins later the fone buzzed, she knew he was near ,i knew she was horny as she was slightly fucking back onto the toy .

the next tex came which was the signal he was right outside the door ,then she put on her blindfold continued to play as i let him in .

he was told as he came in the scene ,,,she would be blindfolded fucking her toy he was to watch till she came then he had the job.

she was so horny lay there teasing her clit the vibrations pulsing on her clit all the sexy thoughts running thru her mind she was blind not knowing who was watching her as she started on her way to a climax not really knowing wat he thought or what he was even doing .

he was already har but still stroking his cock he knew it was him taking over soon as she started to buck back as the whole toy disapeered into her soaking cunt her lips encased gripping the shaft her hips stiff in an upward motion as she cum with a force gushing her cunt juice as she took it out it was running like a river down her cheeks .

the fella then knew was time he went str8 down licking her juice lapping at her clit 3 finger in her cunt the squelch of cunt juice was horny as fuck it was not long before her third cum ,she knew was time for her to be fucked she heard the wrappa of the condom being torn ,he rolled it onto his hard cock lifted her legs onto his shoulders she gasped as he entered her he started to bang hard her moans getting harder another cum , he wernt finished he turned her on her side one leg wide as fuck over his shoulder fucking her hard as fuck the sound of his balls slapping onto her the squelch of her cunt juice he was now so close she was gripping the cushion i knew was another cum coming ,they were both fucking so hard against each other ,the slapping sounds of body against body until he groaned the last 4 or 5 pushes as he filled the condom full of his spunk ,she had her final orgasim with him as i know it really makes her horny feeling the man stiffen and finally cum .

i started to tease her cunt lips as he watched as he dressed 2 mins later i let him out ,returning to her my cock stiff as a board ,

i asked if she enjoyed it her reply

" come here and fucking fuck me NOW"