Written by Valentine Couple

25 Feb 2019

My Valentine's Day just past was special day for us. It started on the 13th. My wife and I went out for dinner, and had a romantic evening to ourselves. We ended the night with me going down on her, and bringing her to a couple orgasms before we fucked. I woke up early on the 14th, and made her breakfast, and got off to work. I know she had something planned but didn’t know what. That’s what makes it so good.

I got home and my wife was in a good mood, saying how excited she was for tonight. I needed to help her get ready. She has a lover and she has been his for 5 months. She goes on dates with him on a regular basis. They go out and he takes her places then takes her to his place and fucks her. She comes home usually before dawn. She will then release me from my chastity device which is a metal cock cage. She will let me lick and clean her body and then let me fuck her before she goes to sleep for most of the day.

So on the 14th Valentine’s Day, we go into the shower, and I help her wash. She keeps her pussy smooth and bare but I take time to wash and rinse it, to make sure it is perfect. Once we are done, I wait patiently for her to apply her makeup and do her hair. Then I help her get dressed, taking my time to admire her beautiful body. At 7pm on the dot, the door opens and her lover walks in, ready to take her out. He has a key and never knocks. She kisses me good bye, and he tells me to be ready when they text me, that they are on the way home. I can’t believe it, they have never come back here before. He always fucks her at his place.

I spent the night in a haze. I watched TV for a while, and then I took a nice long shower. Then I sat in the living room playing on my phone. My wife is on a date, a romantic date, with another man, while I am home alone, locked in chastity, waiting for them to return. Just after 10, I got a text saying they are on their way home. I rushed into the bedroom and lit some candles, and got it looking nice and special for their return. The door opened and they came in, holding each other close, laughing about something.

He looked at me and told me to strip, and then follow them upstairs. I tore my clothes off. When I got to the bedroom, they were already making out and running their hands all over each other. He told me to stand and watch, as he slowly undressed her, taking his time, and admiring her body as he went. Once she was naked, he told me to come over, and that the two of us were going to strip him together. Then when we got his cock free, we were to suck it together, like a couple should.

She kissed every part of his body as we removed his clothes. Once he was naked, we both dropped to our knees, and I guided his dick into her mouth, and I started to lick and suck on his balls. They were smooth and large. My wife and I alternated a few times, and we also made out with his dick between us, our tongues dancing over the head, hearing him moan, it was pretty incredible.

He had her lie down on the bed, on her back and crawled up on top of her. He took her legs and spread them. Then he moved up until he was kneeling between them, his hard cock inches from her opening. He called me over, and told me to guide him into my girl. I grabbed his hard dick in my hand, and using my other hand to spread her lips, she was so wet she was dripping. Then I gently pulled him until the head was resting just inside, and that's when he pushed slowly, the rest of the way, filling her completely.

He told me to move up, and lay down beside her. He then leaned into her, and started to fuck her. No, who am I kidding, they were making love, he was slow and steady, as they were making out passionately, her hands running all over his body, moaning between breaths. It was so erotic to watch. Her legs wrapped around him, grabbing at his back, as her first orgasm hit her. This turned out to be too much for him and slamming hard into her, he started to cum, and cum hard. After he went soft and pulled out, he lay down on the other side of her, and then told me to get to work. I had to clean them both up, starting with her.

I got down between her spread legs, and could see his cum already leaking out. I spread her lips with my fingers, and dived in. I was taking long licks, while alternating with a gentle sucks, to make sure I got every drop of cum out of her. I could hear them kissing and making out while I did my job. Soon enough, I could feel her body tense and start to tremble as I brought her to orgasm. She pushed my head away, and when I looked up, he just pointed to his dick. I moved over and took it into my mouth, tasting her juices on it. I could feel him getting hard in my mouth, and when he was ready to go, he told me to lie down on my back, with my head at the foot of the bed.

He told her to get on top of me, in a 69, and once she got on, I could see her beautiful pussy just above my face. He got behind her, and I got a wonderful full close up view of his dick pushing into her again. He fucked her hard and fast, while I got a front row view of everything. His balls slapped into my head. My face was pressed against her pussy and clit. I used my tongue and my nose to rub any part I could reach. Many times his cock ran over my tongue and he plunged it back into her.

They fucked for a long time, and when they came, it was amazing. She got really wet, and I could feel her juices on my face, and when he came inside her, I could see every contraction and spasm from his cock. When he pulled out, she immediately sat up and I was treated to my second load of cum.

As I licked her pussy I heard her ask him if I could fuck her because it was Valentines’ Day. He readily agreed and she lay down again on her back and I got between her legs. My cock was rock hard and I needed to cum and cum hard. I pushed into her. She was so, so wet with his cum. Her pussy was loose from his pounding and her many orgasms. It felt fantastic but also worked that I could make myself last. If she had been tighter I would have cum much sooner.

I know I was doing a great job when I felt his hand cup my balls. He was stretching them down. It made me even harder but it also made me want to cum and cum now. My wife then orgasmed and I shot my spunk into her.

It has to be the best fuck I have ever had. I know why she likes him. I am happy to have him fuck her whenever she or him wants to.

We called it a night and he kissed her and left us. I put out the candles and cleaned up a little. I then crawled into bed with her. We cuddled and went to sleep.

This is our best night in the lifestyle so far.