Written by Tina&Luke

26 Apr 2014

Hi. I'm Tina, 38 years old, Luke my husband is 40. I think we are both an attractive. We cycle because we both enjoy it and it keeps us both trim and fit. I'm 5' 7” tall, my hair is cut short and currently copper blonde. I imagine it will help you picture me by telling you my vitals are 34d – 25 – 36. Though my tits are quite large, I've taken care of them, always wearing a good bra or sports bra and they are still almost as round and firm as they were in my twenties. I think I have a nice bum and my legs are toned and shapely, if perhaps a little too muscular for some tastes. Having reached my legs, I guess you might be interested in what's between them. Usually I keep my pussy smoothly shaved, though sometimes I'll let it grow out and have a small triangle or landing strip on my mons. I prefer to remain hairless around my fuck hole and anus. Luke is just under 6 feet tall, has little body hair, shaves his cock and balls which I think is sexy. It makes his fairly average sized 6 ½ inch cock appear larger, particularly if he wears one of his metal cockrings around his cock and balls.

We live in southern England about 7 miles from the coast which is a pleasant day out. In the summer we like to explore the countryside and more remote beaches, only accessible on foot or two wheels. It wasn't something we did every time, but if it was a warm day we'd stop at a quiet spot and end up fucking. It was usually spontaneous, not planned, but a few times over the years we had gone out with the intention of finding a secluded location for a spot of alfresco sex.

Although it was a shared fantasy to be watched, as far as we are aware we were never seen. I found the idea of being watched or seen naked in a public place particularly horny, though doubted I'd ever have the nerve to actually do it. To be honest I thought that I'd be horrified if we'd been caught or if someone had watched us. A threesome was a favourite fantasy of mine while masturbating. I found the idea of having two guys fucking me exciting, had toyed with the idea of suggesting it, but couldn't imagine being uninhibited enough, let alone Luke agreeing or encouraging me to let another man fuck me. I found out one midweek day, early last summer, how wrong I was in all those assumptions,

We both had time off and left our house mid morning to cycle through the country lanes to spend the day at the coast. A hot day, we rode along the coastal path, passing through a deserted nature reserve then on the inland side of some dunes. Eventually we stopped, pushing our bikes along a path, winding through the dunes to reach the beach to cool off, intending to find a quiet spot to have sex. We'd gone several hundred yards when we heard what we at first thought was just a couple noisily having sex. We looked at each other, waiting for the other to say something. Curiosity got the better of me and with thoughts of sex already on my mind, I suggested we leave the bikes, climb to the top of the dune and have a quick peek.

Climbing the dune we could hear a woman, moaning and groaning, telling someone to fuck her harder. We lay close together just below the top, looking through a thick clump of grass. I gasped in surprise when I realised what was going on. In the dip below, about 20 yards away, was a woman who looked to be in her fifties, with four men. One man looked about her age, maybe her partner, the other three looked much younger probably early twenties, perhaps even late teens.

She was on her knees, being fucked from behind by one of the young guys, her large tits, dangling under her, swaying each time he rammed his cock into her. The older guy was in front of her. Between demanding to be fucked harder she was sucking his cock. The other two young men were kneeling either side wanking. As we watched she occasionally turned her head sucking their pricks in turn, before continuing to suck the guy in front. After a several minutes I heard him grunt, mutter he was going to cum, pushing his cock in her mouth. He held her head, practically fucking her face, cumming in her mouth as she sucked him avidly, before raising her head and swallowing his spunk. The lad continued fucking her for another minute or two then rammed his prick into her roughly, his bum clenching and unclenching as he pumped his spunk into her mature cunt.

The lad pulled his cock out, spunk literally poured from her hairless pussy, running down her thighs, as he moved back. He turned, giving me a good view of probably the largest cock I'd ever seen. Still almost fully erect, eight or nine inches long and quite thick. No wonder she'd been making so much noise. I strained to see more clearly, parting the grass a little. He glanced up in our direction. We ducked down, Steve tugged my arm, suggesting we leave before they saw us. I shook my head and whispered I didn't think he'd seen us and wanted to stay, guessing he really wanted watch as much as much as I did. We waited a minute before looking again.

The guy now had his back to us and we continued watching as the woman told one of the guys to lie down. He lay holding his cock steady as she mounted him, back towards him, facing us. She lowered herself onto his cock taking him onto her cunt and began riding him. I watched his cock, sliding in and out of her,with mounting excitement. Watching them was arousing me, my nipples were hard and I when I moved to see better, could feel my panties were damp. I really couldn't stop myself from rolling over, undoing my shorts, pushing them and my panties down to my thighs. “What are you doing?” Luke hissed. I shushed him and rolled back over. Keeping my bum raised and pussy off the sand, I slid my hand between my legs and started to play with my clit, excitedly continuing to watch what was happening.

The woman was still on top, cock inside her, but she wasn't moving, saying something to the other lad. He replied and nodded his head before moving between her legs obscuring my view. I didn't immediately realise what they were doing. She laid back, spreading her legs wide. I could see the one guys prick still partly inside her pink hole, then my view was blocked again as the other lad got on top. It dawned on me that he was going to fuck her too, as he lowered himself and she guided his rampant cock into her cunt, taking them both.

I watched engrossed as they both began fucking her. I lifted my bum a bit higher, parted my legs as far as I could, my shorts and panties taut across my thighs, preventing me parting them further. I slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy and started to masturbate. I was hardly aware of anything other than the woman being DP'd and my fingers moving in and out of my cunt. Luke turned on his side watching me. I felt his hand on my bum, slipping between my buttocks, trying to reach my pussy. “Pull my shorts down” I whispered urgently, closing my legs slightly to reduce the tautness.

He pushed them and my panties down, tugged them passed my knees to my ankles, pulling them off completely. I was naked from the waist down but didn't care, free to open my legs wide. I slipped all four fingers into my cunt, masturbating more urgently. I felt Luke's hand moving up my thigh, his fingers brush my anus. I moaned softly. “Finger me. Put them in my pussy with mine” I sighed, imagining I was the woman. He slid two fingers into me from behind, twisting and rotating them into my cunt before sliding a third inside. While I masturbated he finger fucked me.

I could feel an orgasm start to build, bit my lip, stifled a moan, conscious I might be heard. The woman squealed she was cumming, repeatedly and loudly urging the two young lads to spunk in her cunt, drowning out any noise I made. I pushed my fingers deeper into my pussy, really stretching my hole, imagining what it must be like to have two cocks inside my cunt. The woman squealed again, shouting she had cum and from the grunts and other noises so had the two guys. As I became more excited and aroused I had slid lower, my pussy getting close to the sand. I told Luke to move his hand and help roll me on to my back. I lay softly stroking my clitoris while Luke had a look to see what they were doing and told me the were dressing and getting ready to leave. I continued masturbating, just slowly sliding my fingers in and out until he said they'd gone

We had the place to ourselves, though with hindsight, being near the top of a dune, rather than hidden in a dip wasn't very sensible. Not that I cared. Aroused, horny and only really interested in satisfying myself, I had no intention of stopping until I climaxed. I felt a thrill of excitement when Luke pulled my top up, unfastened the front of my bra releasing my tits. A brief pause while he pulled my top and bra off then I lay back completely naked and resumed masturbating. Now relaxed I didn't attempt to keep quiet. He kept looking around for a short while. I assumed they'd definitely all gone when he buried his face in my tits, sucking and teasing my nipples, caressing and squeezing my tits with his hands.

What a wonderful feeling of uninhibited freedom. I spread my legs as wide as I could, masturbating without restraint, maybe subconsciously hoping to be seen. My fingers flashing in and out of my pussy, juices flowing, I began lifting my bum, thrusting my hips against my probing fingers. Luke sat up holding his phone, videoing the final minutes of me masturbating, moaning and groaning, sighing and panting. Writhing in the sand, I brought myself to an immensely satisfying orgasm, loudly crying out as I came.

Afterwards Luke showed me the video clip. I lay in the sand, legs still spread, a satisfied grin on my face, just idly stroking my still hard clitty, relishing what I'd done. I was still feeling horny, realised that it wasn't fair that I'd had so much fun. I reached over to Luke, ran my hand up his leg to his cock. “I think you enjoyed that nearly as much as me” I said tracing his erection with my fingertips. “Do you want to fuck me now?” I asked. He looked around, briefly staring at a nearby clump of scrubby bushes, which I thought nothing of at the time, before replying. “Yes. But perhaps we should go down in the dip” he said. He had a point so we decided to collect the bikes go the other side of the dune and fuck there. What I didn't realise, and he didn't tell me, was that we'd already been seen and that I'd had been watched masturbating. The watchers were being watched!

I watched Luke undress. His shaved cock looked harder than usual, leaping out as he pulled his shorts down. Like the woman earlier I got on all fours so he could take me from behind. Luke started fucking me. He took his time, exciting and arousing me with his cock, reaching for my tits, playing with my hard nipples. He pulled out and knelt in front of me while I sucked his cock before resuming fucking me from behind for about another 15 minutes, as I frigged my clit with increasing vigour until we both came.

Afterwards we lay in the sun, talking about watching the women being fucked by four guys. I told him how exciting I'd found watching them, hinting I was a bit jealous of her and her uninhibited behaviour and how thrilling I'd found it masturbating where I could easily have been seen. “Perhaps you were being watched” he said, sounding as if he was teasing. “I wish” I laughed not taking him seriously.

He steered the conversation back to the woman wanting to know if I would like to behave like her and have sex with several different guys while he watched. Perhaps rashly I replied that I thought I'd enjoy it if he didn't mind me being fucked by strangers. “What about that young guy with the large cock. Would you let him fuck you?” he asked. “Especially him” I giggled. He didn't say anything for about a minute, but kept glancing behind me, before he spoke. “The three guys spotted us watching them. They didn't leave but circled around, were watching you masturbate and saw us fucking” he told me. “And you didn't tell me you sod” I replied. “You might have stopped and it was well horny knowing they were there” he explained. “Well I wouldn't have stopped if you must know. Are they still watching?” I asked. He nodded. I felt a bit annoyed he hadn't told me earlier but mostly a surge of excitement “Now I suppose you want me to let them fuck me while you watch” I told him trying to sound annoyed and failing. “Only if you want to, which you said you did” he reminded me. “Go on let them fuck you. Unless you think his cocks to big” he challenged, with a grin. “Are you serious?” I asked, trying to hide my excitement. He nodded “Yes”

I only hesitated a moment before, boldly telling him “OK. I will. Do you want to call them over or shall I” It was his turn to hesitate, surprised at how easily I'd been persuaded. “I'll do it myself” I told him when he didn't move, standing up looking in the direction he'd been glancing, but couldn't see them. Having made the decision I felt surprisingly confident, walking towards where I thought they must be, displaying my naked body, though apparently they'd seen everything already. As I walked I felt Lukes spunk leaking from my pussy. I heard a sound off to my right, but still couldn't see them. I was beginning to have second thoughts and needed to do something quickly. Before I changed my mind. I called loudly, telling them I knew they were there.

Only a few yards away, two heads appeared above the grass in front of a deep depression in the sand I hadn't realised was there. No sign of a third. I wasn't sure whether to be disappointed or relieved. A bit of both I suppose, but at least the guy with the large cock was one of them. I walked towards them, my excitement increasing, still feeling a bit nervous about what I was doing but having got this far determined to go through with it. I stopped in front of them, two pairs of eyes, neither looking at my face, both staring at my pussy. I crouched down, my pussy now at their eye level. Glancing between my legs as I parted them I was gratified to see that my cunt was gaping open, wet with my juices and cum, a string of Lukes spunk dangling from my hole, slowly lengthening then dripping on to the sand. I couldn't believe how easily I'd overcome my inhibitions. I was behaving like a Slut, enjoying the act of sexually displaying myself to two complete strangers. Shamelessly I touched my cunt, slipping a couple of fingers in. “Luke tells me you've already watched me wanking” I told them. “If you fancy fucking me come and join us” I invited, spreading my fingers, brazenly opening my slippery pink fuck hole, more spunk dribbling out of my sex.

They scrambled to their feet. I stood, legs apart my hand resting on my mound, stroking my clit, slipping a finger unashamedly into my pussy. I asked where the other guy was. Unfortunately he'd had to leave to go on afternoon shift. Realistically two was probably plenty for my first time. We walked back over to Luke, introduced ourselves, found that the lad with the big cock was Mike, the other lad Josh. There was an awkward moment while I wondered what to do next. Solved when Mike asked if I wanted to suck their cocks first or just wanted to get on and let them fuck me. I chose to suck them first, kneeling and playing with my pussy while I watched them undress.

Close up, Mike's cock was just as large as I'd thought, close to 9 inches. Josh's prick, whilst a more average 6 inches, looked very thick, a real mouthful, not mention the thought of taking him in my pussy. An image of him and the other guy fucking the woman, briefly flashed through my mind as I momentarily speculated whether my tight cunt was elastic enough to take two cocks. I'd like to try, but another time I decided, taking a cock in each hand and slowly wanking them.

Around an hour had passed since they'd fucked the woman but they were both fully erect remarkably quickly. I turned my head towards Mike, gave Luke who was sitting to the side, holding his phone, watching and videoing what we were doing, a filthy grin. Leaning forward I stuck my tongue out and licked the length of Mike's long cock, around his knob then opened my mouth and took him between my lips. I could taste the familiar flavour of pre-cum, mixed with something else. I sucked more of his cock into my mouth and realised the other taste was probably the womans cunt juices, dried but still coating his prick.

Though I say it myself, I'm quite an accomplished cocksucker. I had plenty of practise at university, but there was no way I could take his length as, despite trying I've never mastered the technique of deepthroating a cock without gagging. I really must find someone experienced to teach me! I sucked Mike for a minute or two before turning my attention to Josh. His cock was so thick I couldn't close my fingers around it. I gave the shaft a lick, once again tasting the womans cunt juices. I ran my tongue back down, gave his balls a suck, licked back up. I opened my mouth wide, lowered my head and took his cock. My teeth dragged along his shaft until I had most of his prick in my mouth. My lips clamped tightly around his girth I moved my head up and down sucking his cock.

I gave him head for a minute or two before I turned back to sucking Mike's monster. I moved back and fore between them 5 or 6 times, sucking one, wanking the other, for a couple of minutes each time before deciding I couldn't wait any longer. I told them I wanted to be fucked, asking Josh to fuck me first.

The last thing I wanted was to risk getting sand in my pussy. I moved on to all fours, Mike got down in front of me where I could suck and stroke his cock, while Josh positioned himself behind me. He pushed a knee between my thighs, forcing my legs wider apart. He reached between my legs and pushed four fingers into my cunt, moving and turning them, soaking them with my juices. He used my juices to lubricate his cock, ready to fuck me. Resting one hand on my bum, the other holding his cock as he aimed it at my eagerly waiting cunt, shuffling forward until his cock touched my hole. I quietly moaned with sexual desire, shivered in anticipation of feeling another mans cock in my cunt. This would be the first, since a couple of years before we married five years ago. I wanted him inside me and pushed back against his hard cock.

He rubbed his prick along my gash, then pressed it against my fuck hole, his knob end entered me, my cunt opening to take him. He pushed harder, more slid in, my cunt stretching around his thick shaft. My hole continued to expand, tightly stretched around the thickest part of his prick. My cunt felt super sensitive, seeming to feel every ripple and bump, the blood pulsating through the swollen veins as he eased his cock into me until he'd fully penetrated me.

I looked back between my legs, could see his cock buried in my cunt, my pussy lips splayed either side, my clitoral hood pulled back, my clitoris, red and erect, peeping out as he began fucking me. What he lacked in length was more than compensated by the thickness. Other than when using one of my dildos, my cunt had never felt so stretched. He fucked me, slowly at first, before steadily getting faster. I raised my head, took Mikes cock in my mouth and started to suck him at the same time. I soon realised it was to difficult for me to suck him while I was being fucked and stopped, but it was a turn on having him wanking his cock in my face, giving it an occasional lick or kissing the tip. Mainly I was concentrating on the pleasure building in my pussy, rocking back each time Josh thrust his cock into my willing, cock greedy cunt.

I think I benefited from his having fucked the woman not long before. He fucked me hard, then more slowly, then hard for over 10 minutes, before speeding up, his cock pistoning rapidly in and out of my cunt. I climaxed, breathlessly urging him to give me his seed and cum inside me. He fucked for about another 30 seconds then he rammed it up me hard, three or four times, and I felt his cock pulsing inside my cunt, pumping a gush of spunk into me with each thrust.

He pulled out and before I'd had a chance to catch my breath, Mike was behind me, hands on my bum, spreading my buttocks while sliding his cock into my stretched, gaping, spunk drenched pussy. He slid it straight into me in one fluid movement. I gasped when he fully penetrated me, feeling his cock pressing against my cervix. I'd never felt a cock so deep inside me, enjoying sensation of such deep penetration and his cock intermittently nudging my cervix as he fucked me. The feeling of 9 inches of rock hard, virile, young cock, sliding into my cunt then back out, then thrust back in hard was sensational, sending shivers of pleasure, pulsing through my body. My nipples were almost painfully hard. I was so aroused, my skin felt on fire, flushed by the heat, centred on my cunt, spreading out in waves. I felt my cunt muscles flutter, rippling along his shaft, gripping his prick as an intense orgasm built.

I began puffing and panting, felt him dribble on my bum, a finger pressing against my anus. Luke never touched my bum. Before I could think to stop him, Mike was wriggling a wet finger into my bum, had overcome the resistance of the tight sphincter, and had a finger up my arse. I'd rarely felt so horny or aroused. I arched my back, moaned with sexual desire, pushing back, helping him insert a second finger into my bum. He began moving his fingers in and out of my arse, while fucking me deeply with his incredible cock. The sensation was wonderful and I climaxed twice in quick succession then a third time even more intensely, when I felt his cock throbbing and he grunted he was cumming. I lost control, shaking my head from side to side, trembling as my orgasmed coursed through my body. Juices sprayed from my cunt and not just sex juices but several jets of piss squirting out as I lost some bladder control, such was the violence of my climax.

I felt him pulling his fingers from my arse. He kept his cock inside me until it started to soften. I slid off it, rolled onto my back and lay with my legs open, spunk running from my hole and soaking into the sand. Seldom, if ever, had I felt so sexually satisfied or sated. It wasn't just because of Josh's thick cock or Mikes deep penetration. They'd both giving me a good fucking, but it was the eroticism of the situation, being fucked out in the open, giving myself to two guys I didn't know, while Luke watched, which was the biggest turn on for me and for Luke.

After Mike and Josh left, Luke told me that it had long been a fantasy of his to watch me having sex and fucking me afterwards. “I wish you'd told me” I replied with a grin, rolling on to my back and spreading my legs for him. Eagerly he entered me. Sliding his cock into my spunk sodden cunt was, he said, incredible. Fucking with two guys spunk soaking his cock and oozing from my cunt as we fucked felt so wicked and debauched, neither of us held back, fucking frenziedly, both climaxing quickly.

I had a constant reminder of what I'd done cycling home, my panties and shorts soaked with my juices and the remains of having taken all that spunk leaking out.

I felt incredibly excited by my licentious behaviour, no shame or embarrassment just the certainty that I would want to repeat it and soon. I didn't need any encouragement from Luke to go out again to find guys for casual sex. When that wasn't entirely successful we joined a site like SH to arrange to meet guys rather than leave things to chance. By the end of summer Luke had seen me being fucked by about 20 different guys. Each time fucking me afterwards. I'd also achieved one other ambition and been Double Penetrated. Admittedly neither of their cocks were as long as Mike's or and thick as Josh's but I enjoyed it immensely and since then, I have been DP'd at least once during most of our meets.

We had a few meets over the winter, mostly in motels. My preference is for outdoor sex and I love being watched. I enjoy masturbating in front of an appreciative group of guys. If they want to I let them wank over me, invite them to cum on me, soak me with their spunk. Afterwards I rub it into my skin or as has happened a couple of times let a guy lick the spunk from my body. There are so many other things I want to try at least once. I've been watched pissing, pissed on guys and want to be pissed on, just to experience it, see what the attraction is and discover if Golden Showers are for me. That's already being organised by Luke and three guys who have fucked me a few times. I can hardly wait, although I haven't yet decided whether I'll just let them piss on my body or allow them to piss in my mouth too. I suspect if I like it I'll get carried away, and probably let them piss in my mouth.

This year I want to be arse fucked. Unfortunately, Luke doesn't fancy Anal Sex, but is cool about me loosing my anal virginity to someone else. I've already got packs of condoms ready and waiting. If I enjoy it, and having practised with a dildo and butt plugs, I think I will, I'm looking forward to being DP'd with one guy fucking my arse and another fucking my cunt. I'm told that the sensations of having a cock in both holes, almost touching through the cunt walls, is special. If you've tried it I'd love to know what you think.

Over Easter it was warm enough for sex outdoors and we arranged to meet four guys in a sheltered spot a mile or so from this first encounter. The night before, chatting to a couple of them on webcam while they watched me masturbate I agreed to them bringing a couple of their mates along. Seven guys turned up, they all fucked me at least once, the most I've had so far in one session. I'm certain that over the next few months there will be a lot more!!!!

I suppose I better end here before I send you all to sleep. I'll post again and tell you about what I get up to if anyone would like me too.