Written by Dave

2 Apr 2012

I still dont know how things ended up the way they did but i still get turned on remembering back to Portugal last year. Im 46 and last year went for a few days beak on my own to Portugal. It was mid September and I went alone for the first time, just a last minute deal to get a bargain.

When I arrived I went and did the tourist thing, looking round and grabbing some food from the Supermarket to eat back at the apartment.

First night I was sat on the balcony on the top floor(3rd) and had just had some food and was opening a bottle of wine when a chap popped his face round the partition and said hello, he introduced himself as Richard and he was there with his wife Mary grabbing the last of the summer bargains like me.

Richard and Mary were both in there late 60's but still looked well, maybe its all the fresh air.

After making small talk they invited me round for a drink and to tell me the best places to visit etc etc so after showering I popped round and had a good evening with them both, the wine flowed and the talk was good.

I said my goodbyes and arranged to go sight seeing with them both tomorrow, so off i went back to my room next door. i was just about to go to bed and heard Richard and Mary chatting and drinking still on the balcony and realised that we hadnt set a time for tomorrow so I stuck my head round the partition and about to ask them when I was surprised by thge sight of Mary knelt between Richards legs sucking him off. The lights were dim but i could still see everything from where i was, I know i should have retreated but I was mesmorised and actually turned on....more by the size of Richards cock than by his wife sucking him. Now ive never concidered myself gay in any way but i was transfixed by this sight, suddenly Richard grabbed Marys hair and grunted that he was cumming, she ripped herself free from his grasp and wanked him for a few strokes before he jetted 3 or 4 strings of cum into the air and onto his thigh. i sneaked away from the partition and went to bed with that image of Richard and his wife in my head and wanked myself to sleep.

Next morning Richard called round about 7;30, he said was i up yet, i was but not ready to go out as it was too early, so he said hed be back around 10 ish. Just after 10 he came round and said Mary was feeling tired still and we should go on our own, maybe she would join us later, so me and Richard headed into the old town.

After some sight seeing Richard asked if I wanted to fgo to trhe beach as the sights there would be much better( the dirty old man was making the most of his wife being at home) so off we set to the beach. We strolled along for a few mins and came across the nudist section round a more secluded stretch, 2 now this is more like it" said Richard and with that he just took his shorts and shirt off and sat on the sand in the nude. He beckoned me to join him saying I would stand out being there fully clothed so took my trousers and shirt off and was told the pants need to come off too and to stop being shy.

As we sat there totally naked I kept stealing glances of his flacid cock, i dont know whether he noticed but then out of the blue said " did you enjoy spying on me and Mary last night? its ok he said they didnt mind me watching. I didnt know what to say but then he said, its nice being watched having sex and having your cock sucked, I nodded but felt my cock start to harden. Richard noticed and said looks like your getting excited now and with that he started to rub his own cock, saying I cant have you sat here with a hard on and me not.

A few guys walked past looking at us but that didnt do it for me, then Richard said...lets stop messing round, i think you would like me to suck your cock wouldnt you. Now Ive never had a guy suck me and said no I wouldnt, but hes a canny man and said my cocks giving out different messages, which was true, it was rock hard so Richard just laid beside me and put his head on my lap and started sucking me off there and then.

I only lasted a few minutes before unloading my cum in his mouth, which he surprised me by swallowing, then he said did I enjoy that, I just nodded although I felt quite guilty for some reason. We put our clothes back on and headed back and just as we got to the Apartments Richard said, you know you owe me a Blow job before you leave....and he was right I did....