Written by ijamesm

11 Jun 2011

Me and my wife Jules have a tendancy to do things off the cuff and leave things to the last minute, often arranging to drop in on our friends for a weekend at very short notice. We saw the weather was to be really nice down in the South West over the weekend, so rang our friends in Cornwall more or less letting them know we would be down in the morning.

My wife has confessed a bit of a secret crush on our guests husband Ross, after a night of drinking and some naughty fantasies. She had this crush from a few years ago when as a dare from my friend Ross to get things a bit heated in their company led to us both couples having some same room fun (no swapping). The fact that he is very well endowed also helped the crush!!!

I put the kids in the car late and drove through the night early morning arriving in time for breakfast. Kim, Ross's wife made us feel very welcome and said she had some works drinks that evening and it was employees only as they had booked the table, so she would not be with us this evening sadly. Well thats what happens when you dont plan things. We took the kids to the beach and spent the day like the rest of the Emmets (cornish non affectionate word for holiday makers) sun bathing and later on we went back to their cottage and filled the paddling pool and sunk some beers and wine.

Kim and jules headed off to get the kids ready for bed and start the preparations that all ladies do before a night out, leaving me and Ross in the garden catching up on things. Soon the conversation moved onto sex and how much or little we were getting, Ross was in a bit of a drought as Kim was having a lot of stress at work as doing coursework for a professional qualification left little time for anything more than sleep. I dont know why but I told him about Jules' crush on him, a fact that would have got me killed if she found out. Must have been the excess of beer and the sunshine beating down and also the fact I felt sorry for him at this time, but I couldnt take it back now. He was a bit awkward for a bit before he said that he thought she was stunning and confessed that the dare had been so he could get a look at Jules naked, I was chuffed that he thought Jules a size 10 brunette with a nice figure was sexy, what man wouldnt be. At that moment Jules came out with Kim both with a glass of wine and asked us what we thought, Kim looked stunning, jules had worked her magic as a beauty therapist. Ross caught me staring down Kims top as she took her seat and made a look as if to say "fair one" after what he had just said to me. Ross and Kim went into the house and Jules asked me what we were chatting about, I decided to stoke the flames and said he had just told me how much he wanted to fuck you, and then took a long gulp of my beer watching her face.

Kim came out and said that one of her colleagues had pulled out and there was a spare place at the table if Jules fancied it. She shot a look at me clearly torn on what to do, a night out with a bunch of people she didnt know? or the possibility of getting fucked by the man she had fantasised about for years? I said it was up to her, and looked over to Ross discreetly. she looked at Kim and said that our finances were a bit tight otherwise she would have loved to. Sneaky little liar.

Kim got in her Taxi and we waved her off, and headed off into the house I couldnt help stroking Jules' arse as we walked up the steps into the house and as we got in the door she spun round and kissed me really hard grabbing at my cock, clearly very turned on at the thought. Ross had gone into the sitting room with some more drinks and we followed in after we made ourselves decent, he was sat on the two seater to the left and we sat on the three seater to the right with Jules closest to Ross. The lights were dimmed nicely and the music was on Ibiza chillout mix, and jules rested her hand on my lap and started moving over my bulge I took another drink and ran my hand up her thigh lifting her skirt up to reveal her nickers, her legs fell apart and I teased her clit through her gusset in full view. Jules closed her eyes and started breathing heavily working up the courage to get Ross involved too, she opened her eyes and asked me to move up a bit to make room, and without being asked Ross sat on the other side and started feeling Jules' 36DD breasts. She soon took her stride putting a leg each over ours and as i delved into her nickers Ross lifted her top and bra off so he could get at her while she released Ross's member, I sunk two fingers into her pussy working at her G spot as this gets her going, I made her cum all over my hand as she kissed Ross deeply their mouths muffling her moans. I looked across and saw my wifes hand dwarfed around his girth as she worked up and down his vieny cock, I got my modest cock out (we didnt all grow up next to nuclear power stations) and Jules tried her best to wank both our cocks.

I got her skirt and nickers off and resumed finger fucking Jules this time slipping first three then four fingers into her, stretching her out ready for the big guy. She was really wet and my fingers slid in and out working her up, she looked across and asked if she could have his cock in her and I nodded, removing my fingers and moving over to the other couch so I could watch her take his monster. She straddled him and guided his tip to her entrance and gently eased him into her stretching her to the limit, my cock twitched and I shot all over my stomach almost uncontrolably so I left them to it while I cleaned up.

When I returned my cock grew instantly at the site of them entwined him on top fucking her deep and hard, Jules' eyes rolling in her head, she seemed to be in constant orgasm with every stroke squelching home thats when Ross tensed up and flooded my wifes pussy with his seedless cum when he pulled out it ran out of her now pulsing hole over her arse and onto the towel they had laid down as not to leave any sign. Jules legs went into spasm and she couldnt stop shaking it took a while before she could string a sentance together never mind let me have a turn so I gathered up our clothes and assured Ross that we would be discreet and stay til after lunch as not to arouse suspicion with Kim.

The next morning we asked about Kims night and it was as boring as Jules had thought with a lot of shop talk and not enough atmosphere for drink, she obviously didnt suspect a thing and asked us to arrange it better next time. We did feel guilty but once you got down to it she was lucky to have him, as he left my wife in a daze all night. She has now passed her course with a nice little pay rise and Ross has never mentioned our little fling again so I can only assume they are back on course. As for us I bought a real feel dildo around the same size as Ross and occasionally she lets me fuck her with it so she can relive the night.