Written by dunky1

23 Apr 2007

Working on the night shift in Sainsbury's I just finished fucking a colleague in the toilet when we walked out to be confrontred by Jackie, the night manager.

Jackie was a 50-something with dark cut short like a prison warders. She always wore a blue two piece business suit, dark tights and high heeled patent shoes. She was attractive in a severe way and was always impeccably made up with scarlet lipstick and heavy mascara.

- I’ll deal with you latter Debbie, she said and then turned to me. You can come to my office now. We went out through the delivery area at the back and up the stairs to the management suite. Because it was the night shift her office was the only one with the light on. I walked in as was puzzled that she locked the door behind me.

- You’ve been having sex ion the toilet with her haven’t you, she said abruptly. There was no point denying it.

- Yes. I’m sorry, I said blushing slightly.

- Well the question now is what to do about it, she went on. And the answer is, I think, that you’d better shag me too.

I was stunned as she slipped off her jacket and wriggled out of the skirt. I was wrong; they weren’t tights but hold-ups. She quickly removed her white blouse to reveal a white lacy bra that overflowed with heavy middle-aged tits. She removed behind her desk and sat in her leather executive-style chair, unbuttoning her bra as she sat.

- Come round here, she said wriggling out of lace, high-cut panties.

By the time I edged around the desk she had draped her legs over the arms of the chair and was sitting legs stretched apart and her bushy cunt in full view. The thick pink lips of her fanny were surrounded by a mass of jet black curls.

- Strip naked and then eat me, she ordered.

It didn’t take me long to strip and even though I had fucked Debbie just a little earlier my cock was straining.I knelt in front of her and began to lick greedily at her cunt. I pulled her lips apart as I homed in on her clit and tongued it quickly. When I sucked on it long and hard she began to writhe.

- The more times you make me cum, she panted, the less likely you are to get your P45.

I tongued her vigorously until she began to jerk uncontrollably and I suddenly felt the thick sour-saltiness of her cum trickling into my mouth and down my chin.

Without pausing she stood up and turned around to bend over the desk with her legs apart.

- Fuck me hard. Unclip my bra and play with my jugs while you’re doing it, she ordered.

I complied and began to massage her tits, particularly the nipples, as my cock found its way home. I humped her as brutally as I could. The session with Debbie meant that I could stay the course until she came again. With a yell she bucked back into me and I felt her stickiness drip from her. She reached around and with both hands parted the cheeks of her sizeable arse.

-Give me one up the bum to finish me off and don’t you dare cum yourself, she said breathlessly.

There was so much sweat and cum around that my knob slid smoothly into the dark rosebud of her arsehole and I plunged the whole length straight. She yelled again. I gave her a good five minutes of solid arse-fucking before I felt her give a familiar grunt, yell and jerk. This time I felt my cock swell and knew I was going to cum. She felt it too and let me slide out of her bum. She swivelled around, sank to her knees and began sucking my engorged knob. She sensed when I was about to explode and finished me off with a good hard wank until I loosed off thick rounds of hit sticky cream into her waiting mouth and chin.

- Next time you fancy a shag on the night shift come straight to the top, she grinned.