Written by somedude_85

8 Jan 2010

Final part of my story. In case you're interested, I'm writing typing this one handed, as I've just re-read the last part and it all came flooding back ;)

So, just the three of us left now it had been a fantastic day so far, but we decided to rest for a little while because we were all hungry - it was about 7pm by now. After some food, we settled down on the sofa (Susan in the middle) and chatted with the Tv on. Despite the great sex, the three of us were pretty good friends now and it was cool to just hang out.

Saying that though, it wasn't long before I was horny again. My hands started to drift down towards Susan's tits, as I had my arm around her. She gave me a kiss and started rubbing my cock through my jeans, and also reached over to Ben to do the same. He was pretty shattered though and said he wasn't sure he was ready for anymore sex just yet. Susan asked if he minded us going at it, and he was fine, but she suddenly had a brainwave.

"Still some more fantasies to fulfil actually....we could both suck his cock and save the sex for later?" She had a wicked grin on her face. Ben was much more interested in this idea, as I don't think he wanted to miss the sex. So, my trousers and pants came off and they got down on the floor in front of me.

It may not have been 2 woman, as I had said my fantasy to be, but 2 people sucking your cock is amazing. They started out largerly seperate, alternating my cock between them, but started find comfortable positions and both get in there. One sucking my cock and the other licking my balls was perhaps the best, particuarly Susan doing the sucking, as it allowed me to reach forward and grab her wonderful tits at the same time.

I felt my cum starting to rise as Ben sucked me and susan started to rim and finger my arse. I told them I was close, and she nudged Ben out of the way and finished my off with her tits, cum shooting up to her neck, and running back down between and over her tits. Smiling, she rose up and gave me a kiss, and then popped a nipple in my mouth just as a stream of my cum hit it. Yum!

I put my pants and trousers back on and we had a relax for a few hours. Ben dozed off on Susan's shoulder, but woke up with the horn. It was now about 1030pm so we decided to head to bed - well, the bedroom, at least! AFter the usual faff and de-clothing, we were all naked (again!) and under the duvet. Lots of kissing and groping ensued. Susan definately loved the attention, and as much as she loves a good hard cock in her pussy, she was loving passionately kissing Ben whilst I groped her tits and kissed her back and shoulders.

I kissed my way down her back whilst they continued kissing and she was tugging away on his cock. She was laying on her side, so I lifted her top leg to get my hand to her pussy. Not in a good enough position to lick it, I started tonguing her arsehole, which she seemed to approve of. With my face buried as it was, I couldn't really see what was going on, but based on the movements I guessed Ben had moved and she was sucking his cock.

After a few minutes of this, she lowered her leg, cutting me off, so I sat up and saw that she was in fact sucking away. She was also rubbing his arsehole which he was loving. She took his cock out of her mouth and said "I think he wants you to help with his fantasy now" ANd she demonstrated what she meant by lifting his balls up and sticking a finger in his ass.

I wasn't up for taking anal myself, as I had said before, but given everything else we'd done (and they'd done for me!) I decided that if he wanted his ass fucked, I'd oblige. I did insist on wearing a condom though - not entirely sure why, but wanted to be safe. Whilst I was getting it on, Ben had got onto all fours and Susan was lubing up his ass. I positioned myself behind him and put my finger in as far as it could go. I'd had experience fucking an anal virgin before, so I knew a little bit about getting himn ready with my fingers and making sure there was enough lube.

When I thought he was ready, I got fully into position and put the head of my cock on his arsehole. I wasn't fully hard, I've found this helps get it in initially, but it took quite a bit of wriggling and pressing to get far enough in. It eventually popped in and I rested there for a minute to let him get used to it - he'd gasped a bit when it first went in. As he got used to it, I started moving my hips in and out ever so slightly, maybe moving about an inch or two in and out.

We eventually got into a slow rhythm, and he was pushing back slightly onto my cock. It was slow going, but I was really starting to get into it. Susan was doing several things - squeezing more lube onto my cock, wanking Ben's cock, stroking her own clit...whatever seemed to take her fancy. My cock was pretty much fully hard now and I was pushing deep into him.

I got a bit carried away though, and Ben yelped a little in pain at one particuarly deep thrust. I had to slow (and calm!) down after that - after all, it was his fantasy! It's too easy to get carried away and fuck hard in doggy style, so I got him to lay on his back instead. I got back into his arse whilst he sucked Susan's tits that she was obliging hanging in his face.

This new position was much better for us both and he was really enjoying it, wanking his cock whilst I fucked him. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum" he eventually said, and I pulled out of his arse and took his cock in my mouth. I stuck my finger up his arse and wanked his cock fast and he unloaded in my mouth. He's usually a heavy cummer, and this time was certainly no exception. I swallowed what I could and let the rest dribble down the side of his cock.

Before I knew what was happening, Susan was on me! She threw me back on the bed, ripped the condom off and got onto my cock. She was whacking down on me pretty hard, like a woman possessed. I eventually overpowered her and got her on her back where I gave her a mighty hard and deep fucking. I came inside her pussy, which was fantastic as usual, and we collapsed on the bed.

Having been a long day, we didn't wake up until the morning. They both had work that day, and Ben was dropping me off at the station on his way in. It was a bit of a rush, but I did get a cheeky blowjob from Susan whilst Ben was in the shower :)

SO that's it! The end of my swinging experiences so far. I told Karen about what had happened the next night (Tuesday) and we had some great sex. She definitely seems to be up for joining in, and Susan and Ben are fine with that! We're hoping to get some webcam action this weekend, and maybe a meetup later this month - Karen has a car, so it should be easier to get there!

Of course I will let you know if it/what happens, and I hope you've enjoyed this - it been great writing it ;)