Written by somedude_85

7 Jan 2010

Sorry it's taken so long to finish this story - Been waiting for last part to go online so I could pick up where I left off!

So I was sat on the sofa, absently twiddling my now limp cock as the two couples went carried on. Seeing Paul get his cock sucked by both ladies was quite the turn on for me, and clearly it was for him too. Ben was also enjoying himself underneath them both. It didn't take them long to build to a climax - Julia came first, on Ben's tongue which caused Ben to cum inside his wife. Paul followed a moment later, getting off a single shot before susan gobbled up his head to take the rest. Very sexy!

We were all pretty shagged out now, and everybody collapsed on the sofas. When Paul reached for his pants, he was convinced to keep them off, and made to also take off his top, which had stayed on. At this point, all garments came off so everybody was completely naked. The wine now came out and we sat around chatting and having a good laugh - somehow completely comfortable with the fact that we were all naked.

It was maybe an hour or so later that things started to kick off again. Us three blokes were starting to get some blood (and brains :D) back into our cocks and remembering the fact that there were some great bodies on display. Susan's tits are enough to make any man stand to attention!

The conversation naturally got around to sex again, and the subject of fantasies. Each of us had to say a fantasy - not necessarily one we wanted fulfilled now, but I can admit that I made sure mine was, as there was a good chance it would happen! Julia showed her willingness by going first. She said her initial fantasy had already been fulfilled - to be fucked by another man. We all agreed that she had to give a new one though, and she said she liked being treated like a total slut, and so wanted to be cummed on by multiple guys at once. A good one, we all agreed!!

Ben went next, and he said he's like to be fucked up the arse. He said Susan had put a dildo up there once or twice, and I had of course used my fingers, but he'd like to really be fucked - either by a strapon or a guy. Me and Paul both agreed that we'd be the giver, but not so keen on receiving. Ben said that was fine by him!

I was up next, and confessed that most of mine had come true - either tonight or on previous meets - get my mouthedf spunked in, licking another man's cum out of a pussy, licking cum from tit's, multiple cocks in my mouth etc. I said that two woman sucking my cock, as Paul had had earlier looked awesome, and generally being part of free-for-all group sex.

Paul wussed out, and couldn't think of anything that either hadn't happened or been said already. He wasn't sure if he wanted to suck cock or taste cum, but might do - that was the most he said. Susan came last and said 2 - she's like to fuck a really big (she looked at Paul and licked her lips!) and also to be gangbanged. SO right now, she said, she's take one in her pussy, one in her arse and the last in her mouth!

Well, we three blokes all had raging hard-ons by now and were stroking them a bit. Julia then asked who's fantasy we'd fulfill. Susan dove straight in and said she wanted Paul's massive cock inside her - doggy so she could take it all. He certainly didn't refuse and she went and bent over the armchair. The rest of us watched as he slowly put himself into her pussy - she was in a little pain, but she said it was the good kind.

Ben went over to help, lubing up Paul's cock in his mouth rubbing his balls. Julia came over to me and sat on my lap, wrapping her legs around my waist. We kissed for a while - she was a good kisser too - before she started giving me some head. Once again, she had talent! I'd started the day thinking she was moderately attractive, a little bit sexy, but now I thought Paul was a VERY lucky man.

Susan soon got her next fantasy begun, when paul sat on the armchair and she climbed onto his cock, and then ben entered he arse. She was practically screaming in pleasure! Not wanting to cum, I swapped places with Julia and licked her pussy and her arse. AFter not too long though, I HAD to fuck her again, so we laid out on the sofa and fucked missionary. It was fantastic!

Julia was to get her fantasy fulfilled now. When Ben said he was cumming, and Paul said he was going to too, Susan told them both to cum on Julia. I pulled out and got her on her knees in the middle of the floor and the three of us wanked over her face. Susan came Behind me and Ben, and she started kissing my neck and shoulders. Ben shot first (I think Susan may have stuck a finger up his arse!!) followed by Paul - the sight of his wife getting a facial was clearly too much for him.

Last left, Susan carried on kissing me and gave me a reach-around. In honesty, though, it was Julia's begging eyes that made me cum. As I did, so did she, on her fingers that she was using to rub her clit.

After some cleaning up, it was time for Paul and Julia to leave, sadly. This being Sunday, they both had to work the next day so really couldn't stay. There was lots of hugs and kisses, and promises made to meet again soon. I made sure I got their number as well.

Part 4 follows soon, and is the final part of this great day. There was just the three of us left, but plenty more action to take place, including the fulfillment of a couple more of those fantasies listed above :)