Written by somedude_85

5 Jan 2010

So there I was, on the edge of the sofa; two rapidly softening cocks in front of me and cum on my face. The ladies had stopped their kissing at Paul and Ben's grunts and gave a little cheers as the boys came. With the spunking finished, the boys laughed at the girl's reactions.

Paul and Julia's eyes met for a moment and some kind of agreement obviously passed between them. "Ok, fuck her for me" He said. "Please?" Looking back at me. I got up and walked over. Susan stopped me before I got to Julia, kissing the cum off of my face. Julia had leant back into the chair and stared up at me, straight into my eyes. I could tell she was nervous, but there was a look of determination in her eyes that was strangely VERY sexy.

Susan still lead the way though, Kissing Julia again whilst helping her out of her jeans and panties. I slipped my hand between her now naked legs and up to her pussy. She was practically shaven and definitely very wet. I decided not to kiss her, in case this was too personal, so I helped her legs open and starting eating her pussy.

Whenever I encounter a new pussy, I'm always surprised by how unique each woman's pussy is. Julia has quite large lips on her pussy, which I've never really seen before, but I have to say I was an instant fan. The lips were very wet and felt (and tasted) great on my tongue. With the way her arse was bucking, I didn't feel the need for any fingering, just my tongue probing into her pussy and over her clit.

Meanwhile, Susan had managed to get Julia's tits out too and was sucking them. AT some point, Ben and Paul also came over to join the fun. Ben was on his knees behind Susan's arse, licking away. Paul was stroking his flacid, but still bloody big cock in Julia's face and she was licking it lightly for him.

I thought it was time to fuck, so I took my face out of her pussy, and got my cock inside her. Considering she was used to fucking Paul's monster of a cock, her pussy was still quite tight. Not exactly a virgin, but tight enough that it felt good. She moaned lightly as it went in and I started fucking her. I looked up at Paul and he smiled at me. I nodded towards his cock, and he moved round to put it in my mouth, as Julia was busy moaning.

Ben was now stood up and fucking Susan doggy over the edge of the sofa - she was still sucking Julia's tits as best as she could. With his cock still soft, Paul joined Susan on Julia's other tit and she was in ecstasy. We continued for a little while before Julia said she wanted to get on top of me, and so we swapped places, with me sitting back on the sofa. She climbed on top and eased my cock inside herself.

I'll now that Julia is probably the most 'talented' fuck I've ever had. She rode like a pro, and has great control over the muscles in her pussy, tightening and relaxing in a great rhythm. Unbelievable. I knew I was close to cumming, but as I wasn't wearing a condom, I said it as early as I could so she could tell me what to do. Much to my surprise, Paul told me to shoot inside her - sh'es on the pill! He was kissing her back and rubbing my balls and I eventualy shot a big load in her pussy - felt amazing. She came at the same time and collapsed onto my chest.

After a few minutes, Ben said he wanted to taste it, so he laid down on the floor. Susan climbed onto his cock and Julia crouched over his face. Paul was hard again and so he stock and let both ladies suck his cock. Being spunked out, I sat and watched and saw two fantastic looking things that I wanted to be a part of.

Maybe I will be in part 3...