Written by Laura

31 Jul 2018

So last week I got the bus from my small Towm to Newquay. I Was wearing Nike air max with black trainer socks, black high wasted jeans, black top with a small jacket and black lacey knickers and black bra with a handbag. So I got on the bus and got off at the bus station. I fancied A walk so I walkes too fistral beach and sat in the sand dunes. The sun came out and it was boilng.... I had a fag and a drink but it was so hot I thoght what the hell... So I took my shoes and socks off then I took my jacket off. But it was still hot so I thought il strip down to my bra and knickers. Its the same as a Bikini. It was so much better I felt alot cooler. Then all of a sudden this dog ran up to me wile laying down and this guy and his wife ran towards theit dog and my clothes was too far away to cover up quick so I just layed their and their was starrimg at me and just said sorry about their dog and went off. Omg it made me feel so hot. So I thoght to test it out was to go for a little walk so I left my stuff and walked through the sand dunes a little bit and bumped into more people then i walked back to where I was based and I sat on the sand and I noticed I was wet on my knickers so I had a play wile standing up by a bush I was moaning loud im sure people would of heard me then I finieshed and put my clothes back on and walked off rather red hehe