Written by lucky guy

29 Jul 2010

Just been in the Spalding area and found a Lay By with a snack bar and toilets

Went in the toilets and there were two cubicles between then a decent sized glory hole but to high even for me,even 6 foot tall to get my prick through, also on the other side was a paper dispenser that would have stopped anyone getting his face to the wall.

However it was big enough and angled so that I could see any action next door.

I had only been in a minute when a guy came in next door and striaght away unzipped and facing the hole, fondled his soft prick.

Then he bent and put his face to the jole to see if I was looking or wanking and when he saw my eyes looking back he stood up and began a slow wank.

After a few seconds he bent again and I whipsered "If you want that sucking, come in"

He stood up zipped up and seconds later pushed my door and slipped quickly in.

He unzipped again dropped hi slacks and got his prick and balls out of his underpants

A nice 6 inches uncut with a little dewdrop of precum dripping from the end.

I was sitting down so I just leaned forwards and took it in my mouth and sucked gently.

He took my head in a grip between his hands and started to fuck my mouth hard and deep slowly at first but quickly gathering speed until after about 20 or 30 thrust he [ut his hand to draw out but I tightend my lips and put my hands round his arse cheeks pulling him in deeper.

His prick throbbed and I felt the throbbing and tasted his warm salty cum fill my mouth.

Satisfied he withdrew and quickly redressed and was gone in seconds leaving me with a mouthfull of cum.

I sat letting it slowly dribble a drop at a time down my throat,wanking at the taste until I just had to release my pent up prick of its own load

It seems to be a regular place for meets up to 6 p.m