Written by loosened up liz

3 Jun 2008

Since my bf moved 80 miles away we only see each other at weekends, we both travel alternatively. So far it works, but I miss the spontaneity of having someone to hand nearby for when I’m feeling horny.

At Easter I drove down to hers and stopped for coffee en route. When I pulled off the A3 I found that the service station was undergoing a refurbishment. I wandered around a little to see if there was a kiosk or something where I could get a coffee when I heard a “there’s nothing here mate”. Turning round I saw a tallish driver, obviously a lorry driver. “but I have some in my cab if you like” he said with a glint in his eye.

I found myself saying that would be great and followed him to his cab. This was a first for me and I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but was inexplicably drawn. I climbed into his cab with a helping hand under my butt. “I’m Paul” he said, matter of fact. He took out his flask and started to pour. “I’m Liz, do you have any cream to go with that?” I ventured. “oh yes” he said as he reached over to kiss me.

The situation and his musky smell was too much for me – and I went with the flow, pulling him into me. Before I knew it he had my top off and my ample breasts free of the constraint of its bra. I unzipped him, revealing a confident, proud 7” cock which I felt compelled to take in my mouth.

While I sucked him (enjoying the taste of his precum) he reached round to prize my jeans from my hips. I had to move to kick them off completely and he took this as his climb on top of me, pushing his fingers into me as he did so. This made me gasp!

As he fingered me with one hand he fumbled about in his cab with his other. Eventually he broke off to look in his bag. “stop pissing about and fuck me!” I screamed. Within seconds he was inside me and I was loving it. He was certainly very hard and very eager. “fill me up” I screeched. “I’ll fill you up you dirty bitch” he replied, and with that he came, tipping me over the edge as I milked him for all I was worth.

We got dressed and exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet again (preferably in a layby again, now that I had the taste).

I got to my bf’s an hour or so later, still dripping with Paul’s spunk. I tried to clean myself up at my bf’s house but he was eager for sex so I fucked him on the sofa within 10 mins of arriving. He commented that I was obviously pleased to see him as I was soaking wet!