Written by chris

22 Mar 2011

After a weekend in amsterdam recently, I tasted my first cock and was introduced to glory holes for the first time. Dying to try a gay cinema for the first time i Plucked up the courage to visit le salon near the centraal station. having never done anything like this I entered the dark winding stairs to the cinema with a lump in my throat and a stiring in my pants. There were very few people around as i cruised the dark corridors looking for the main cinema. Occasionally I would jump as out of the shadows would appear men cruising like myself. I found the main cinema which was small and had only one person in. he was sucking a cock which was protruding through a glory hole from a dark room adjacent to the main room. now in need of a wank, i returned to the maze of dark corridors that haose the cabins. as i entered my cabin and pulled my trousers down releasing my throbbing cock i noticed a pair of eyes and a couple of fingers through a hole leading to next door. Fuck it I thought and thrust my erect cock through the hole. My cock was immediatly engulfed by my veiwers warm wet mouth.n he continued to suck and wank my cock till i could take no more and begin to pump what seemed like squirt after squirt of my cum. i sat back in the chair fully expecting his cock to cum through the hole but he had gone. swallowed my load and left without me knowing what he had looked like. I caught my breath and wanted more so i headed back towards the main cinema. i was met at the entrance by a man who gestured for me to enter two adjacent cabins. Once inside i again got my now hard again cock out and thrust it through the hole in the wall this time i could see through a hole at eye level and watched as the stranger put both our cocks together and began to wank us both. He then asked if i wanted to go to the dark room at the sisde of the cinema. Once inside we sucked each others cock and he asked me to wank all over his face which i duly obliged showering his face with cum. i was surprised by the amount after only just cumming 15 of so minutes before. i was ready to tast e my first load but the man said thank you for his cum shower and left. i was drained after this and decided to leave. it was one horny moment for someone who had always considered myself straight. Maybe it was the atmosphere of the city of sin that goy me curious in the first place. i would love to hear of anyone else that has been to le salon.