Written by masons wife

20 Feb 2010

I have read some stories here and dont know what planet some people are on I hope they dont think we are all fools.

This is a real true story a continuation of my past. As said previously we are a semi retired couple and family grown up and left home.

Hubby has got involved in a Multi Marketing company and as a result it means he is away quite a lot especially weekends and some late nights, interviewing prospective clients promoting his business.

Previously I related my experience meeting a local young man in our local pub and we gave him a lift home and if you read part 1 and 2 of my story you will be familiar with what took place then.

NOW. Two/three weeks ago hubby left here on Saturday to attend one of these meetings and had to call with a few prospects on his way home and he told me not to wait for him as he would be late.

With this in mind in late evening I decided to have a shower and then an early night to bed.

Whilst just finishing my shower the front door bell rang. I grabbed my bath robe and answered. To my amazement who was there only my toyboy from the past. On my previous story his work had taken him away to another part of the country,but he had the weekend of and came home to visit his folks. It was when he was there he decided to give us a visit.

I naturally invited him in and was offering him a drink. Whilst pouring him a drink I found his hand comming round to my right breast. He could feel that I had no bra on and he put his hand inside my robe and started to tease my nipple. This was getting me excited. I told my intentions for the night and he answered (now that I am here I know what my intentions are for the night as well). With those remarks I took his hand and lead hin to the beedroom.I let my robe accidently slip,from my shoulders and there I was totally starkers and he then said lucky I came. I cheekly said you havent cum yet. He started to embrace me and I reached down to his pants and was he ready. He pushed back on the bed and unipped his trousers and let them fall to the ground and pulled down his boxer shorts and yow he was hard. He came over to he and placed his hard throbbing hard cock in my mouth and told me to start sucking, and it wasnt long before he gave me a mouthfull. After that I asked hinto give a licking out, this e did and after his skilled with his tounge I had a orgasm. The best since ever he had give me. We lay and chatted until we both got our breath back and I poured us both another drink and again laid on the bed. After some time I put my hand down and felt hin starting to get hard again and started a wanking action until he was hard and asked him to give a ride as hubby doesnt now bother much any more but I miss it. This he did an he rode long and slow and eventually shot his load right up me. Such a nice feeling as I again had another orgasm at the same time as he was cumming. We had another quickie on Monday before he left to go back but promised to call again more frequently. One thing he said which I think is encouraging that he likes riding me is that no precautions are necessary,unlike younger girls. Unfortunately all for now

I turned around and with all my previous movement my robe fell open.