Written by D Woolley

30 May 2017

I have just spent an amazing week with; Leanne, her sister, Denise and her husband, John. We had arranged to go away for a week with them, to a well-known North Yorkshire seaside resort. We agreed to use our car as it is a bit bigger than theirs.

Denise is a couple or three years younger than Leanne, but they look remarkably similar. Denise is about three inches taller than Leanne’s five foot one and is a little bit slimmer. Her bust is a very nice D/DD, to Leanne’s DD/E cup. Not as nicely rounded as Leanne, but very shaggable for fifty. I think the extra height must all be in her long shapely legs, they are very nice.

As soon as Denise climbed into the back seat of the car, she found Leanne’s flashing card for the back window, which read; honk if I made you horny, which she had gotten into placing in the back window for when she was out flashing her lush body to lorry drivers. Denise demanded to know what it meant and why it was in the car, so Leanne was forced to admit to her sister what is was for.

Denise and John both started to laugh and Denise admitted that she sometimes did the same, but without the refinement of a card in the window, something she said they would copy in the future. “Well it looks as if there will be some lucky drivers get a double flash today then.” She said and then we all started to laugh.

It wasn’t long before we were on the dual carriageway heading for the M1 and both Leanne and Denise had taken off their bras and refastened their dresses, ready for the first trucker we passed. It wasn’t long before we were coming up behind one.

They both unfastened their dresses and pressed their tits to the windows as we over took him, driving just a little bit faster than him. What an eyeful he got as we drove by, he sounded his horn as we cleared his front end and pulled over to the near lane, in time for the motorway round about. We joined the M1 to continue our journey. There were far more trucks on the road than I had thought there would be, so it looked as if the ladies were going to be busy.

There was a line of lorries just in front and so I switched to lane two and started to pass them slowly. I have no idea what Denise was up to, but Leanne had the front of her dress wide open, so anyone looking in would see her boobs and her shaven pussy. She had her feet up on the dash and her legs apart as much as she could, all the way pass them.

We stopped for lunch at a pub we were passing and after the meal Leanne and Denise swapped places, so that Denise could stretch her legs out a little more. I wasn’t sure what that meant until we passed a large van on the dual carriage way. Denise had her feet tucked up to her bum so that she could open her thighs wide and give the guys hanging out of the van widows a real eyeful of her lightly haired pussy. This continued almost all the way to the resort.

On arrival we sorted out who was sleeping where, so I thought, but more on that later, and unpacked our cases, then headed into town for a look around. Both women had changed their cloths and Leanne was wearing a modest, for her skirt and top, whilst Denise had opted for a pair of really tight jeans. And a loose fitting blouse. Both had opted for high heels, Leanne a pair of wedges and Denise a pair of four inch stiletto heeled sandals, which was showing off her bum in a most alluring way. As she walked in front of us, John nudged my arm and said. “Just look at the arse on that.” As if I was looking anywhere else.

The first place we came to was the local arm of a well-known pub chain, and at that time of day it was full of men. Leanne and Denise were enjoying the attention as they walked to the bar and almost every pair of eyes in the place turned their direction. Denise had put an extra sway into her walk just to get a little more out of it, tart that she is.

After getting our drinks Leanne suggested that we take them up stairs, knowing that everyone sat below the stairs; or even behind them would get a good look up her skirt. She took her time going up them too. The girls sat at the first table they came to, so that anyone coming up them would see them first. It wasn’t long before a couple of young guys decided that it would be a good time to change where they were sat and came up to follow us.

Leanne opened her legs a little when she saw them on the stairs, making sure they could get a good view of her stocking tops. It did seem to take the lads a long time to get to the top. They sat to one side where they could keep an eye on Leanne’s legs. It wasn’t long before another little crowd of men headed up to join us, funny as we were the only ones up here a moment ago and now there were six people beside us there.

It wasn’t long before john and I had to go back down to the bar for more booze. When we got back Leanne and Denise had changed tables so that they were sat at the back of the room in one corner. Not that it was dark there as there is a large overhead window there. As our heads cleared the top of the stairs we were greeted by the sight of Leanne’s stocking clad thighs and the crutch of her little black nickers. This meant that everyone else in the room had seen them too. She was making the most of the opportunity.

The girls were enjoying the attention and as a special treat for their audience Denise unfastened her blouse, twisted the sides together and tied them into a knot under her bust, one poor guy spilled his beer down himself watching her do it. After we had finished our drinks we stood up to leave, when someone said that he would buy us some drinks if we stayed a little longer. Leanne and her sister looked at John and I as if asking our permission. I looked at John and he said. “Well mine’s a pint.” He then sat back down and laughed. Denise had the biggest smile ever on her face as she turned to Leanne and said to her. “Shall we give them a show then?”

Both of them then stripped to the waist, stood up and did a slow turn as they shock their boobs at all the guys sat in the bar. A cheer went up and a few of them were banging on the tables. Denise took her jeans and knickers down to her knees and bent over the back of a chair to give them all a good view of her bum and crack, not to be out done Leanne stood up, lifted her skirt and took off her pants and threw them onto the young lads table. They all took turns sniffing at them, before passing them to one of the other tables. She too bent over a chair, raising more cheers from the guys sat around.

That was when a lady came up the stairs and said. “The show will have to end now, as they were getting busy and I can’t get the male bar staff away from the cctv, but you can come back tomorrow afternoon if you want to give another show.” Leanne and Denise put their cloths back on, well nearly all their cloths, as Leanne’s knickers seemed to have disappeared.

To be continued