Written by Leanne

16 Nov 2017

I have just found this SH site. Reading the stories reminds me of a very special night I had with my very sexy black mini dress at a Greek restaurant about 22 years ago.

I am Leanne. At the time I was 30 years old, three great kids, great loving husband (Ben). We did not get out as often as would like. So having a meal out was special to us both. Ben had bought me the black dress several months before. It was not a dress you would wear outside your bedroom! It was nearly see through, very short and extremely low cut. you could not wear a bra. Ben asked me if I would wear it when we went to the Greek restaurant, just for a treat for him! When I got dressed for the night out I must admit the dress looked great on me. My breasts were on full show. The material, which was not much hugged my body. With my G string panties and black high heels and full length black coat, off we went to the restaurant. For Dutch courage I did have a couple of drinks before we went out.

Arriving at the restaurant the owner took my coat off me. The look on his face was so funny! I guess seeing my almost naked breasts was the reason . The men who were already eating all stopped and looked at me walking to our table. I did not realise how much the dress was see through. My Ben just loved all the attention I was getting.

There were two waiters. Both were young, I found out later they were both from the local college studying to be chefs. Luke, our waiter brought over the menu. His eyes popped out of his face ! He was staring at my breasts intensely. Again I felt special that a great looking 20 years old guy found me attractive...well my boobs!! He tried to tell us about the specials of the today, but the only specials he was interested in were by breasts. Eventually we ordered. Ben was as excited as I was. A bottle of wine was soon drunk mainly by my self. Ben then started to dare me to walk to the toilet so Luke could have a good look at all my almost naked body. With the drink taking affect on my brain I walked to the loo, making sure Luke had a good view. I felt sexy, and wanted more from the evening. When I returned Ben was talking to Luke. All I heard was if you play your cards right you have some fun with her tonight. That made me have the feeling of wanting to be fucked.

The meal was lovely, but what more lovely was all the attention I was getting from Luke and Ben. Luke insisted in serving my meal. He was leaning over my shoulder whilst serving the meal, but he also had the best view of my boobs. I could almost feel his staring eyes on my boobs. My reaction was for my nipples to stand out to attention. My nipples were clearly sticking out of the see through dress. Ben kept on telling me how sexy I looked. He said you certainly have an admirer with Luke. This made me feel extra special. Then to my amazement Ben said would like to fuck young Luke tonight?! Not thinking he was serious I said Of course I would. From this time of the evening things got out of control, well from my actions. I thought Ben`s thoughts were serious (later I found he was only joking)

The situation was that I have the green light to fuck the waiter from my husband. My breasts and body wanted a mans attention and my cunt was so wet I thought I had peed my self. Ben had met a old school friend of his and was temporally talking to him. This was the opportunity I needed to get Luke to fuck me. I decided to go to the loo, on the way I stared at Luke and mouthed to him to follow me. As I entered the loo Luke was not with me, I was not disappointed for long as Luke came into the loo. We never said a word between us, Luke held my boobs in his hands. I felt I was in heaven. I then removed his trousers , pulled out his already erect knob, gave only a few kisses and sucks on his circumcised red headed knob. It took only one second to take off my dress. I then got my hand onto his knob and placed it into my very wet cunt. At first I felt his knob was too big, but very soon he was thrusting his knob into me. I can`t believe how so fucking horny I felt. But this guy was only 20 years old. It must of been only 20 seconds before Luke`s knob seed filled my cunt. He let out four grunts as each time more seed entered me. There was semen all over my cunt inside my legs, in fact it was every where!!

I whispered to Luke to go back. I tried to clean my self of semen. I returned to our table finding Ben paying for the meal.

Luke brought my coat to the table. I then put it on and went to the toilet again. In the loo I took my semen drenched dress off and put into the pocket of the coat.

Returning home I gave my dress out of my pocket to Ben. Then opened the coat te reveal my totally naked body with tell tale signs of semen. We rushed home, Ben took home the baby sitter . And we fucked solidly for two hours...I recalled exactly how young Luke fucked me for 20 seconds.