Written by chazket

14 Oct 2008

The escalator was just bringing me to the top level and there she was. Legs right up to the back of her head. She was drop dead gorgeous. Big time! Lord I almost shot my load in my trousers right there and then. As I looked at her she gave me one of those I know you\'ve seen me glances, that women of her kind give you, turned on her heel and walked off. It was magnetic, I followed her. My eyes locked onto those fantastic legs.

She had boots on, high heeled pointy toed superbly fitting close to her leg and finishing just under the knee, leopard skin pattern as well. Fantastic things. And upon her legs, the latest heavy flowery patterned black tights. They must have been tight as her short black mini was certainly not capable of hiding stocking tops. I didn\'t clock her top, just the cream leather shorty bomber jacket with pushed up sleeves. As I watched her walk I noticed her long straight blond hair superbly cut and hanging down her back. I remember thinking, surly women aren\'t allowed to be this attractive?

Her walk was one of those that just drew your eyes to her. She walked slowly, she knew that she had all male eyes on her and when she turned I saw her give a little smile. She was loving it. I watched her hips sway as she took more steps over to the coffee kiosk. Lord I had a good old hard on and it was showing in my trousers. She ordered a Latte. I watched as she fumbled in her purse for the money. Now was my chance at an introduction. I pushed in saying, \"I\'ll pay\" I ordered the same. Turning and looking at me she flashed her teeth and said thank you. I said it was a pleasure. I smiled back saying, \"I\'m Mike. Pleased to meet you.\"

We say, drank our coffee\'s and chatted. A quick taxi ride later and we were back at my place. I thought screw work. She was more important. I rang in sick then pointed to the bedroom saying, \"It\'s through there.\" She wandered off. When I got to her she was sitting on the edge of the bed, leather jacket off and ready to play. I joined her, we kissed. She tasted fantastic. I slid my hand up one of those superb legs. She let me! She was up for it alright and I was going to give it to her. She placed myhand on her breast. I squeezed it. She moaned. I pulled her top off. she had great tits. Fantastic tits! She reached behind herself and unfastened her bra. Suddenly there they were. Lifting a breast she offered it to me. I sucked on the nipple and felt it grow as I used my tongue to tease it.

Noe naked, her legs were just out of this world. She sat across me and took all of me inside her. She rode like a professional, body moving, tits wobbling, head back, mouth wide open and gasping for breath and moaning as she enjoyed my length. As I looked at her, I shot my load into her. I came heavy. I almost passed out. It was fantastic. She was a fabulous screw!

Before she left she gave me her number, but I\'ve never seen her again. But I shall never forget her. WOW!