Written by Ali

19 Jun 2012

Bit of a confession really as opposed to a “sexy story.” I wanted to get your feedback on what I’m doing is wrong or not. My name is Alison, I’m 41 years old, single and currently work as receptionist for a small family run business. I would describe myself as medium height, with short blond hair and am fairly slim. I’ve tried my best over the years to stay in shape, I visit the gym twice a week so I’m reasonably fit.

I’ve been working at this place for only a few months but already feel very much at home. The relaxed family atmosphere really helps. Anyway, to put it bluntly I’m a lesbian. I’ve been a lesbian ever since I can remember. Unfortunately I’ve always found it difficult to fully embrace it and have never really ‘come out’ to my friends and family. My obsession with living this secretive life has discouraged the women I’ve been with to stick around. Currently I am single but thanks to this site have been meeting the odd person for a bit of ‘fun’. Well I have…until recently.

The problem is that I’ve kind of stumbled into a strange relationship with my boss’s daughter. My boss is called Michelle and she must be a couple of years older than me. Her daughter is called Sophie and she has recently turned 20. She works for the same business, and that is how we met. I would describe her as very slim, quite tall, taller than me. She has long brown hair, wears glasses and has the most gorgeous hour glass figure you can ever imagine. When I first met her my heart skipped a beat. She was just so stunningly beautiful and I never imagined she would have the time of day for someone like me.

This whole thing started one evening when Michelle arranged a meal at restaurant for all the staff. I say all the staff, but in fact there were only 6 of us. The night was really fun, the wine flowed and everyone let their hair down. I remember it was late, everyone had gone home apart from myself and Sophie. We had been having such a laugh all evening and she had persuaded me to go into town so we could go clubbing. Normally I wouldn’t do this as my clubbing days were well and truly gone, but since this Sophie I just had to go. By this time I remember being pretty drunk and so too was Sophie, I had lost count of the amount of wine bottles we had gotten through. We were in bar, chatting away when the subject turned to sex and men. And for whatever reason I remember blurting out that I was gay. I cringe whenever I think about it because it was so obvious that I was fishing for a response. Normally I wouldn’t dare dream of telling anyone I knew about my sexuality but in that moment, with the wine flowing I just opened up.

I recall Sophie being really shocked when I told her, but then I spent the next hour answering all her questions on what it was like being a lesbian. She was so naive, it’s not as if we’re a completely different species. But that was one quality that I loved about her, that I still do, I love her innocence. Am I bad for liking that characteristic? Maybe a woman of my age should act differently…

I must admit it was so nice to finally open up to someone about my secret side and in that moment I remember feeling so relaxed about the situation. Sophie began asking questions about who my type was and whether I had my eye on anyone. She then asked whether I found her attractive, which I said yes you’re gorgeous. Not thinking anything of it until she leant forward and kissed me! I was so shocked I nearly fell off my chair. We got a few cheers from some lads behind which made me feel really uncomfortable. What if someone I knew had seen us?

She explained that she sometimes thinks about what it would be like to be with a woman but has never acted on her thoughts. I knew she had a boyfriend that was a couple of years older than her. They had been seeing one another for a couple of years and she was very happy with him.

We carried on chatting and laughing for a bit longer before going to one of the local clubs. I was still thinking about that wonderful kiss she had given me. I still had butterflies in my stomach when we entered the club. We carried on drinking and had a bit of a dance with some of the men in there. I call them men, to be honest they were boys. I must have been the only one in that place over the age of 30!

We both left to get a taxi, our arms interlocking. I thought nothing more of what had happened earlier until Sophie once again tried to kiss me. By this stage she was really drunk, I wasn’t that much better but could just about walk unaided. I remember she pushed me into a doorway that was an entrance to a shop and she tried to kiss me. At first I resisted because she was quite drunk but…I’m ashamed to admit this gave in and began kissing back. It was such a sexy moment even though from the outside it probably looked like two women doing their best to eat each other’s faces! Sophie was asking whether she could come round and see my flat. I knew what was going to happen, I should have said no. This was highly inappropriate. But I stupidly agreed. In fact I wanted her to come round too. I didn’t want to spend another night alone.

To cut a long story short, Sophie ended up staying the night. We have been regular meeting up and spending ‘time’ together ever since. I suppose you would class it as an affair which I hate doing because it’s wrong. Not only does she have a boyfriend, not only is she my bosses daughter, but I’m 41! I should know better.

I just wanted to ‘come clean’ almost and tell someone about it. Is what I’m doing wrong? Am I taking advantage of her? Out of the two of us she is definitely the more persistent when it comes to arranging our times together. I do love her, but feel that as the older woman I should do the right thing and back away…