Written by leslust

18 Apr 2009

hi my name is debbie i am married ,23 years old,have blonde hair and a 35d 25 35 figure. for the past few months i have been masturbating at the thoughts of a woman making love to me .anyhow last weekend i was out with some of my friends on a birthday night out. we were all dressed in fancy dress and i was wearing a schoolgirl outfit of a very short skirt ,knee socks , shirt and heels.

we had all been out a while ,in a few pubs when we decided to go into a gay pub and we got a lot of looks with us dressed in little outfits. an older woman kept looking at me and smiling ,and now and again i smiled back. we finished our drinks and were leaving but i needed the loo so i told the girls i would meet them in the next pub.

i went to the loo and as i was washing my hands and putting on a bit of lippy , the woman who had been looking at me came in . she stood behind me and told me i was gorgeous ,then she kissed my neck, i turned around to say i wasnt gay but she started kissing me full on the lips and ran her hand up my legs under my skirt and touched me on my pussy through my panties . i was shocked and turned on at the same time .i told her i was married but she said come back later i will wait.

i left and met the girls again and later when we were all parting ,the drink made me go back to the pub. i met the woman who was called judy ,she was 46 but looked good for her age .we had a drink and she said look my taxi is outside do you want a lift ,so i said yes thanks. we got to her house first and as she got out she asked if i fancied a coffee,so i went in.

we were sat on the couch when she moved closer and said that outfit is turning me on. she took my hand and said come on and led me to her bedroom . she sat me on the bed and took off her dress and she had a great body and her pussy was bald .she stripped naked ,knelt in front of me,then reached up and removed my panties and when she saw that i was shaved , she opened my thighs and for the first time a woman licked my pussy . i told her i had never been with a woman before and she smiled at me and undressed me. we were now both naked and she kissed and touched me all over ,she brought me to endless orgasms ,then for the first time i licked a pussy.it tasted beautiful and for the next hour we licked and touched each other . then she reached into a drawer and took out a massive black strap on dildo and fucked me with it. its a wonder the neighbours didnt hear me i was making that much noise.

i got a taxi home in the early hours and am wondering now if she has turned me, i will meet her again