Written by Steph

1 Mar 2014

I suppose Laura and I aren't stereotypical lesbians, although I actually don't believe in stereotyping people. But anyway we're quite feminine and I like cock! Not often but occasionally I need man meat in me, plastic doesn't do it for us. Laura doesn't share this craving but reluctantly accepts it's a need I have to fulfil. But I digress, after 4 years together Laura and I decided we wanted to be parents and Laura wanted to carry the baby. We wanted conception to be intimate and special, no tubes or syringes etc. Laura was friends with a lovely 40s couple, Dave and angie, who had grown up children already and after a lot of meetings and soul searching, we decided to go for it. We booked two double rooms at a Cotswolds hotel and tried to calm our nerves over dinner and wine but although the wine went down well, dinner was hardly touched by any of us. The idea was that the act would take place in our room with all 4 of us involved. We went to our separate rooms to prepare. Laura had asked Dave what his favourite underwear was and predictably for a middle aged man it was stockings and sussies. We both dressed up in them and there must be something in it because Laura looked beautiful. We lay on the bed kissing until there was that dreadfully exciting knock on the door. I tiptoed over and let them in. Angie, wearing a black dress, looked scared to death. Dave couldn't smile wide enough. As I poured us all wine Laura said "please don't let me and Steph sit here in our undies alone. Dave laughed and whipped his kit straight off. He wouldn't really be my type, balding, a bit of a pale white beer belly. But I must admit I was impressed by his semi. Laura, with her revulsion to cock, looked at it and grimaced. Angie, warning us not to look at her stretch marks, pulled off her dress. Wow. This stunning black lady was all tits and arse encased in Dave's favourite stockings and suspenders. Both Laura and I stared for far too long much to her embarrassment. We sat on the bed with our respective partners and chatted as we sipped our wine. It was Dave that pushed things along by asking if we were all sure about this. The 3 of us nodded meekly and Dave put down his wine and began kissing angie. The plan was we'd get turned on by our own partners and the act of penetration between Dave and Laura was to be brief. He was basically just to ejaculate into her. Lots of kissing and stroking ensued. Dave moaned as angie gently kissed his cum laden balls. His cock stood proud and rigid. I kissed down Laura's body and began licking her out. She responded well. I really am good and she was soon bucking against my face and crying out that she was cumming. I lapped at her softly as she came down from that orgasm and looked across to Dave and angie who lay side by side watching us. Angie nudged him "you could learn a lot from her". This got us all laughing. Angie was gently stroking Dave's cock. Pre cum had run onto her arm and was glistening there. "Are you ready Dave?" I asked. He nodded. Laura moved to the centre of the bed and opened her legs. Dave moved between them, angie still wanking his raging erection. I lay next to Laura and kissed her lips. "Are you sure?" I asked. Nervously she answered "yes". I asked angie the same question knowing she'd hate seeing her husband enter another woman. She answered yes too and guided Dave's cock into Laura's wet slit. They struggled a bit as Laura stiffened revulsed by cock. I'm sure that tightened her making his orgasm quick but what made it strong was angie dipping her head and sticking her long tongue up his arse. I've never heard a man make so much noise cumming but Dave was very loud as he emptied his potent seed into Laura. They both relaxed. Both angie and me put a hand on his arse to keep him in draining every last drop of juice out. "Enough now" said poor Laura wanting this filthy cock out of her lesbian pussy. My overwhelming gratitude to angie engulfed me and I pushed her onto her back and began devouring her smooth black cunt. I really am good and she was as noisy cumming as Dave had been as she experienced her first female licking. I think Dave enjoyed it too. After more wine they left and we had a lovely night of love making. And the great news is it worked. We're expecting!