Written by Danny

30 Dec 2012

As you will imagine, Leslie was in a nervous state all yesterday so I logged onto SH and told her to psyche herself up for the coming event by reading some of the stories on here.

We’d arranged for Louis to come over for 7pm and on the dot, the doorbell rang. I’d not met Louis till then and he was nervous too. I told him to come in, and not be nervous as this is what both Les and myself wanted. I told him not to be shy either as I longed to see him between Les’s legs. Louis seemed to me to be a bit skinny but not bad looking.

I shouted for Les and she came down stairs. She had put on a short skirt and a light blouse and as I found later, no bra or pants. As soon as she entered, Louis got up and Les took hold of him and kissed him. He looked over at me and I gave a reassuring nod and he responded to it by returning the kiss very passionately while stroking Les’s bottom then slipping his hand up under her skirt. He broke away and kissed her neck and I heard him say, “oh Mrs Adams, I’m going to fuck you again, I can’t believe it, you are so sexy and beautiful” He was still feeling her bottom, but then he must have slipped a finger along her slit as I saw her shudder and she let out a low moan.

I told them we should retire to the bed room where I had placed our little Canon disc recorder. I sat in a chair and recorded their every move. Any nervousness they both had had now gone and I watched as he stripped her skirt and blouse from her. He then felt her bush and stroked it for a few seconds, then stripped his own clothes off. I said earlier that he seemed skinny, but when I saw his rock hard cock standing up. I knew where all the nourishment from his food had gone, he seemed to be all cock, it was the better part of 9 inches with a good size girth too. The head was half out of the foreskin and I could see it oozing precum already.

Leslie took hold of it and slowly wanked it, then Louis asked her if she would suck it. Les sat on the edge of the bed, and slowly liked around the head before she took the first couple of inches into her mouth, which, was a bit of a struggle for her as the circumference was quite big for her mouth, however, she did manage a couple of inches. This didn’t last long, Louis being young, could hold back and holding her head, fucked her mouth for a couple of strokes then filled her mouth with his spunk. I don’t think she intended to swallow, but Louis didn’t remove his cock straight away and Les had no choice other than to swallow.

Les pushed Louis away and lay back on the bed and beckoned Louis to join her. He hadn’t even gone soft after cumming in her mouth. She lay back and told him to lick her clit which he did very enthusiastically so much so that she told him to stop for a moment. Louis now moved up between her spread legs, and the moment I’d waited for, he held the tip of his magnificent cock at the entrance of her cunt and slowly pushed so that the head disappeared in her, then slowly inch by inch, I captured this on the dvd recorder . When he was all the way in, he again said “oh Mrs Adams, this is fucking lovely, I want to do nothing else but fuck you forever”

I filmed him fucking her from every angle but the best on was always seeing her face in shot and especially if the shot contained her hand on his black body with her wedding ring showing. Louis kept ramming in and out of Les and panting he asked “please, can I come back and fuck you again”, and Les, also panting replied “Oh yes, can’t he Dan, whenever he likes”.

By now, Les had had a massive orgasm when Louis thrush his hips forward violently and rammed his cock into Les as far as he could and with a loud ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfired his second load of spunk into her, all the while trying as it looked, trying to ease another few millimetres up her so as to get his spunk as far in her as possible. He collapsed on top of her then rolled over to the side and Les lay there sweating and panting, her legs wide open then slowly, Louis’s spunk started to ooze out of her cunt.

I filmed a few minutes of this until the spunk ran down the crack between her cunt and arse, then putting down the camcorder, I got between her legs and rammed my near bursting cock into her. It was amazing, fucking her with this young black man’s spunk still in her, and I soon filled her too.

After that, I was quite happy to let Louis fuck her for the rest of the evening, I even held her open for him. As Louis was fucking her for the last time, I lay beside her and asked her if she would consider Louis bringing a couple of mates to gangbang her and she simply looked with dreamy eyes and said that it would be nice, but I don’t think Louis is too keen as he wants to fuck Les himself, however, if tell him that if he wants to fuck Les, he will have to bring a couple of mates now and again so we shall see how it goes from here.