Written by longthickdick

4 Jul 2011

I have to visit clients in my work. I often go to houses and flats and this morning got the (pleasant) surprise of my life. I went to an apartment block and got access to the building via the Trades button. the flat I wanted was on the top floor, so I trudged up there and found the flat I needed. I rang the bell, but no-one answered and I was about to leave when I noticed the door slightly ajar. I pushed it open and saw that the hallway lead onto the kitchen. Not too unusual, except that on the kitchen table there was one girl with her legs apart while another girl was licking her pussy. They must have heard me as the rugeater turned towards me - 'Sorry. I said - the door was open'. Hmmm - said the girl - well you've seen Sally's pussy, I suppose you want to see mine as well. Fine by me, I said. They both got away from the table and took me by the hand into the bedroom. They were already naked and began to undress me as my cock started to bulge in my trousers. They peeled my clothes off and Jill - the other one, began to slowly and gently wank my cock. Why don't you two carry on where you left off, I suggested. They agred and got themselves into a nice 69 with Sally on top. My cock was already covered in pre-cum and the sight of Sally's pussy and bum in the air was too much to resist. I came behind her and pressed my cock into her pussy and began to thrust as Sally began to lick my balls. It was difficult not to cum immediately, but I resisted and eventually they changed position so that I could fuck Jill from behind while Sally licked my balls and the base of my now juice-covered cock.

Wanna cum yet?, said Jill - Not Quite, I said, can you two straddle each other? I got them both on the bellies over each other while I entered them in turn - Jill's ass - then her cunt - then Sally's ass and finally her cunt too. They both came several times while I was fucking them and the bed was covered in girl-juice.

Ok - on your knees, I asked and they sank to the ground as I began to wank my cock. Sally took over the wanking while Jill licked my balls.

I felt my balls beginning to lift and aimed my cock into the waiting faces of the two girls. I musy have cum bucketloads - much more then usual, obviously because of the sheer excitement of the situation. I managed to get some cum in each girl's mouth and then they started to kiss each other's cummy lips. I usually soften after cumming, but I stayed hard watching this, so I started to wank again asnd very soon produced another smaller, but still acceptable, load which I shot again over the girls faces.

When we'd cleaned up, they said the person I wanted had moved away, but I and my cock were welcome anytime! I'd go back - but needed a trip to the STI clinic a few weeks later, so I'll give it a miss, I think!