Written by Steve

28 Aug 2013

Kez is a barmaid at my local. She's only 20 but lives with a Jamaican guy twice her age. He comes into the pub just before closing time for a quick pint and to take her home. He never socialises and always seems quite sullen to me. Kez is flirty before mick arrives but stops when he's there. She's a sexy little thing, not the prettiest but she uses her make up well. Lovely tight little body, she wears the regulation black and the jeans show off her great arse. One night she seemed more flirty than usual with me and I lapped it up never really thinking anything could happen. I'm a slightly overweight 55 yr old and anyway, mick would be on his way. Except he wasnt, kez told me he'd flown to Jamaica that day because his mother was ill. She then asked me to walk her home saying she didn't trust the others. Kez obviously didn't know about my fling with Mary, who had left when her husband found out. But I was flattered to be asked and wasn't about to pounce on a girl kez's age. Whilst walking she continued to flirt and I couldn't help thinking god I'd like a go on her. After all she knows her way round a cock. She started talking about cunnilingus and how mick won't do it although he loves his dick getting sucked. As she said these explicit things she looked for my reaction with those cheeky smiling eyes. "We'll" I said "I'm always willing to step up to the plate if mick won't oblige". She giggled in shock holding mouth to her hand and then said "we'll actually I had heard your rather good at it". Ah, so Mary had blabbed. At her door now I started making that parting of the ways small talk that you do. You working tomorrow? Yes, ah good I'll see you then. I'll walk you again etc etc. Kez just seemed to linger at the door for too long. "You ok?" I asked. She nodded "you coming in for a lick?" I was through the door in no time. She still had that teasing sexy smile but I noticed her breathing was heavy. "We'll have to be quick in case his family pass by. He'll have told them to keep an eye on me". Fine by me, I'd got a wife to get back to. She stripped off her bottom half and sat legs open on the settee still smiling "come on mr lickalot". Straight to my knees I lifted her top and unclipped her bra revealing small tits with gorgeous rock hard nipples. I kissed around her pierced naval before addressing her shaven pussy. A few licks had her cumming, her juice dripped down my chin. She really had missed this. Clit biting, fingering, mound pressure. I gave her the works and in 20 minutes I lost count of her cums. She looked tired. I sat next to her and stroked her hair. Her eyes looked fulfilled. She whispered that I'd better go. I kissed her cheek and left. She hadn't touched my cock. I hadn't even took any of my clothes off. And we hadn't even kissed properly but I walked home very happy that I'd satisfied a 20yr old sexpot with my face. I'll tell you all about the next few nights if there's anyone interested.