Written by Steve

29 Aug 2013

The next evening in the pub took ages to pass. Kez looked very pleased with herself and gave me lots of confidential teasing glances and smiles and had an extra swing in her hips whenever she collected glasses near our table. I kept alcohol to a minimum in case she decided to give me some cock play tonight. At last it was home time and this time the walk was heavy with expectation. There was no hesitancy at the door this time, we went straight in. Kez's breath was heavy again as she steamed "I've been looking forward to this all day". "God so have I". She stripped totally naked this time and I did the same forgetting my pot belly and the straggly grey hairs on my chest. Kez took the same place on the settee, legs spread looking at me hungrily in the eyes. I drank in her lithe young body. Again I dropped to my knees and licked the now slightly stubbly sweet smelling box. Kez through her head back in pleasure and scraped her nails through my thinning hair. She was totally orgasmic. 3 cums in quick succession. My heart raced and my balls ached. I began to move up onto the settee. "Ah ah mr lickalot," just her forefinger on my forehead stopped me "Back to work" she ordered her sexy eyes giving me the sexiest smile. Her fingers cradled my head and gently pushed me back to her cunt. She arched her back and I resumed my cunnilingus knowing that was all I was getting. She continued to cum and the moans and happy squeals emanating from this sexy little minx kept my excitement levels high. So much so that as kez hit the heights of a multiple orgasm gripping my ears and fucking her stubble against my mouth I emptied my balls up the leather sofa and over the laminate floor. Spent, I lay my head against kez's thigh as she lazily stroked my hair. After about 5 minutes she tapped my head. "Time to go lover boy". I confessed I'd made a bit of a mess and she leaned forward to check and immediately giggled. Those flirty eyebrows raised and she said "pretty impressive for an oldie. Now piss off home". She cupped my cheeks and kissed me full on the lips for the 1st time ever. That was enough to reignite my erection which she noticed eyes widening "pretty impressive again" she said. "Shall I stay a bit longer?" I ventured. She shook her head and lay watching me dress making no attempt to cover her own nakedness. There was no kiss goodnight just a girly wave and I left looking forward to the next night .....